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21.03.2017 - BYK-1781

BYK-1781 Silicone Defoamer for Aqueous Systems to Eliminate Micro-foam Generated During Application

A well balanced-defoamer, the interaction of compatibility and efficiency is the guarantor for an easy application and a high quality of the final coating. The new BYK-1781 includes all these features. The balanced silicone/polyether ratio leads to an excellent compatibility in a variety of aqueous coating systems e.g. pure acrylics, UV-systems and 2-pack PU-systems without a negative impact on clarity, haze and cratering. In addition the high efficiency of BYK-1781 makes it extremely suitable for difficult application methods such as HVLP, Airless and Airmix to eliminate the micro-foam that occurs in the coating film. The additive can be used in clear coats as well as pigmented systems and is solvent-free.

13.03.2017 - BYK-P 2710和BYK-P 2720

BYK-P 2710和BYK-P 2720 粘度控制技术 (VCT) – 环氧树脂用加工助剂

粘度控制技术 (VCT)


BYK-P 2710


BYK-P 2720


06.03.2017 - BYK-3760

BYK-3760 - Highly Effective Silicone Additive for Aqueous, Solvent-borne, and UV-curing Systems

BYK-3760 is a unique, highly active polyether-modified polysiloxane which reduces the surface tension significantly. As a result of its low tendency to stabilize foam, BYK-3760 can also be used in applications that involve high shear forces. The additive remains fully effective, even at a very low dosage. At the same time, its outstanding compatibility means that it can be used in a wide variety of resin systems. BYK-3760 runs through an additional production step in which virtually all cyclic siloxanes are removed (D4–D6). As a result, BYK-3760 corresponds to the latest requirements of common ecolabels such as EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan, Blauer Engel, as well as the specifications for use in food contact applications. BYK-3760 has 100% active substance and is recommended for general industrial, wood and furniture, can, architectural, and protective coatings as well as printing inks.

27.02.2017 - DISPERBYK-2062

DISPERBYK-2062 - 用于水性的水油通用色浆的润湿分散剂


13.02.2017 - OPTIFLO-T 1010

OPTIFLO-T 1010 - Liquid VOC-free Rheology Control Additive to Adjust High Shear Viscosity in Water-borne Coatings

Modern coating systems and their resins require specific, tailor-made additives that provide the optimum performance but at the same time an environmentally sound solution. OPTIFLO-T 1010 provides enhanced syneresis, spatter resistance and shows a significant improvement in brushability.
The additive is VOC-free, APEO-free and Tin-free.

03.01.2017 - CERATIX 8561, CERATIX 8563 及 CERATIX 8566

CERATIX 8561, CERATIX 8563CERATIX 8566 不含NMP的蜡助剂用于溶剂型涂料体系,能有效改善效应颜料的定向排列

现有的蜡助剂CERATIX 8461、CERATIX 8463及 CERATIX 8466 含有少量 (< 0.5%) 的N-甲基吡咯烷酮 (NMP)。然而,越来越多的制造配方已要求必须采用完全无NMP 的产品。为了满足这些市场需求, 毕克化学也改善 CERATIX 蜡助剂的生产制造工艺,以制造出不含 NMP 的产品。 新的不含 NMP 蜡助剂CERATIX 8561, CERATIX 8563及 CERATIX 8566可以等量取代现有的产品。适用于汽车涂料, 工业涂料及皮革涂料 ( CERATIX 8561)。

03.01.2017 - CERAFLOUR 955, CERAFLOUR 958 和 CERAFLOUR 959

CERAFLOUR 955, CERAFLOUR 958CERAFLOUR 959 蜡助剂在粉末涂膜产生细密均匀的织纹结构效果。

CERAFLOUR 955 是纯 PTFE (聚四氟乙烯)在低剂量使用即可非常有效的产生织纹结构及哑光效果。
 CERAFLOUR 958 和 CERAFLOUR 959 两者皆为聚乙烯蜡改性的聚四氟乙烯, 其织纹结构及光泽(半光至哑光)变化范围较广。 这三种产品具有最优的性价比,有利于粉末涂料配方成本的调整

28.11.2016 - BYK-1788

BYK-1788 - 用于溶剂型、高固体份和无溶剂体系的非有机硅消泡剂,零VOC。特别适用于100% 固体份的紫外光固化体系

由于缺少溶剂100% UV体系通常具有较高的施工粘度。然而,它们经济和环境友好的特点使得它们被广泛用于木器、家具、皮革和一般工业涂料。除了高效性,透明体系特别需要良好的相容性以保证优异的透明度和高光泽度。 有效性和相容性的良好平衡使得新的消泡剂BYK-1788特别适合于非颜料体系。 BYK-1788不含有机硅和VOC,并且不向助剂中引入任何溶剂。 同时,在溶剂型涂料体系和高固体份涂料体系中,BYK-1788也表现出其全面的性能。

28.11.2016 - BYK-1799

BYK-1799 -  用于溶剂型、高固体份和无溶剂体系的有机硅消泡剂,零VOC。特别适用于 100% 固体份的紫外光固化体系。

由于缺少溶剂100% UV体系通常具有较高的施工粘度。如果配方中还包含消光剂和颜料,消泡就变得更困难。在高速施工的应用条件下,例如滚涂,具备高效的消泡和抑泡能力是非常有必要的。新的助剂BYK-1799具有这样的特点,即便是在很低的用量下。添加BYK-1799可以有效地阻止微泡和大泡的形成,主要推荐用于UV木器和家具涂料,UV印刷油墨。另外它在溶剂型和高固体份体系中效果也非常优异。

24.10.2016 - AQUACER 1013 和 AQUACER 1039

AQUACER 1013AQUACER 1039 - 符合Ecolabel 的水性蜡乳液

对应最新不同欧洲环保标签的修订, 其针对目前使用的化学品判定为有害物质的上限值更加严格,毕克化学已开发符合最新标准并可以不受任何限制使用的添加剂。我们的客户可以立刻修订当前配方以符合最新的安全和环保指令的要求。AQUACER 1013高密度聚乙烯蜡乳液,适用于改善水性涂料、印刷油墨、水性养护产品和抛光剂的表面保护。AQUACER 1039石蜡乳液,适用于水性涂料和油墨中改善表面特性。