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New Additives for Aqueous Systems

Here we present a series of our latest developments for aqueous systems. Simply click the tabs to learn more.


Wetting and dispersing additives for water-borne universal colorants and effect pigment slurries

Pigment concentrates are commonly used to color architectural coatings, both in the professional and the DIY field. It is true that aqueous systems dominate the market; however, solvent-borne alkyd coatings and high-solids, for example, are still widely used. DISPERBYK-2060 and DISPERBYK-2061 comply with BYK's claim to provide an environmentally friendly, highly effective and customer-oriented solution. They offer a broad compatibility in aqueous and solvent-borne systems, cover the entire spectrum of inorganic and organic pigments, as well as carbon blacks. DISPERBYK-2060 and DISPERBYK-2061 are VOC and APEO-free and have no influence on the coating viscosity or the coating drying respectively.


  • Broad compatibility of the pigment concentrates in aqueous and solvent-borne coatings
  • Cover the entire spectrum of inorganic and organic pigments, as well as carbon blacks
  • VOC- and APEO-free
  • High color strength and outstanding rub-out
  • No influence on the coating viscosity
  • No influence on the coating drying


Polymer-based, VOC- and silicone-free defoamer for aqueous coatings, printing inks, adhesives, paper coatings and construction chemicals

Mineral oil-based defoamers are widely used, mainly in applications in which price is a key criteria.
Negative side effects such as separation tendency, odor, environmental aspects and the often lacking approvals for direct food contact mean that the market is looking for affordable alternatives.
BYK-1640 is the alternative providing versatility and excellent cost/performance ratio. It shows the optimum performance at the lowest dosage. The additive is mineral oil- and silicone-free, free of odor and easy to incorporate. BYK-1640 is emission-free and suitable for direct food contact.


  • Versatile defoamer with excellent cost/performance ratio
  • Mineral oil- and silicone-free, odorless
  • Especially recommended for water-borne interior and exterior emulsion paints (PVC range 30-85)
  • Easy to incorporate
  • No negative influence on color-acceptance
  • Emission-free and suitable for direct food contact


  • Architectural coatings
  • Protective coatings
  • Can coatings
  • Printing inks
  • Paper coatings
  • Construction chemicals
  • Adhesives




Adhesion Promoter for Aqueous 2K Epoxy Systems to Increase Adhesion to Metal Substrates and Corrosion Resistance

BYK-4513 significantly improves both dry and wet adhesion of 2K epoxy systems to metal substrates. Adhesive groups ensure strong bonding to both the binder and the metal. This improves the overall adhesion, which can even withstand the effects of weathering. The unique structure of BYK-4513 also increases the flexibility of the film coating. Since BYK-4513 is silane-free, it has excellent storage stability.


  • Improves adhesion of 2K epoxy systems to metal substrates
  • Increases wet adhesion and corrosion resistance
  • Can be used in the curing agent and in the binder
  • Good compatibility; no negative effect on the pot life or drying
  • Silane-free and thus excellent storage stability compared to silane-containing adhesion promoters
  • Positive effect on the flexibility of the coating


  • Protective coatings
  • Industrial coatings
Mechanism of action of BYK-4513
Improvement in Coating Adhesion with BYK-4513


Additive for Increasing the Surface Energy of Cured Coatings

Until now it has only been possible to either reduce the surface energy of cured coatings by adding silicone additives or to maintain its original level by adding acrylate leveling additives. Using the new BYK-3560 the surface energy of cured coatings can now even be increased! BYK-3560 is silicone- and fluorine-free, has 100% active substance, and is easily incorporated. We recommend to use it in a wide range of systems: aqueous, solvent-borne, UV-curable, and high solid.


  • Increases the surface energy of cured coatings overall, especially the polarity: Improvement in the adhesion of subsequent layers such as paints, lamination foils, adhesives, printing inks etc.
  • Improved wetting of the cured coating by the subsequent layer: Very good leveling of subsequent layers
  • Also improves the leveling of the system in which it is being used
  • Does not influence the surface tension of the liquid coating
  • Retains the high transparency of clear coats
  • Silicone- and fluorine-free
  • 100% active substance and easily incorporated


  • Can and Coil coatings
  • Automotive coatings
  • Industrial coatings
  • Wood and furniture coatings