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Anti corrosion additives - Benefits

High Performance - Physical durability leads to enduring efficiency

In addition to the primary function of protecting surfaces, users are increasingly turning their attention to the optical characteristics of a coating.

Without a doubt, cruise ships or yachts have different requirements regarding their appearance than industrial tankers do, and a sports stadium has to have a more stirring look than industrial plants or pipelines. New generations of heavy duty coatings need to be able to fulfill these growing demands: more brilliant colors and more homogenous surfaces with dirt-repelling properties are just some of the qualities that customers are beginning to focus on. BYK additives make it possible to bridge the gap between the increasing focus on optical characteristics and the typical requirements relating to maximum manufacturing efficiency and durability.

Environment - At BYK, economy and ecology are synonymous

Growing awareness of the environment requires the constant development of new coatings. International users increasingly require environmentally friendly solutions like high solids, solvent-free, or water-based formulations.

Manufacturers of heavy duty coatings need to respond to these increasing demands with high-performance and top-quality products. Conventional solutions for adapting formulas to the market’s needs are now beginning to fall short. The ecological and economic potential of additives is therefore a long way from being fully exploited.

High-quality additives add efficiency and cost saving

The investment value of items protected with heavy duty coatings far outstrips the costs of the coatings themselves. However, coatings also play a vital role in increasing cost-efficiency, both in the production process and throughout the entire life cycle.

By reducing the number of steps in the production process, expensive manpower is kept to a minimum, not just when applying the first coat, but also during routine maintenance work. BYK additives boost surface properties, resulting in better adhesion, which in turn reduces the need for priming the surface before applying the coating. Rheology additives control the thickness of the layers, meaning the desired thickness can be reached with just one coat instead of two. An additive-enhanced formula results in greater durability against environmental factors and increases the amount of time between maintenance checkups.