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New Additives - Archive 2013

20.10.2013 - BYK-TS 3201

BYK-TS 3201 - Additive for increasing the scratch resistance of polyolefin-based surfaces and components

BYK-TS 3201 is an organically modified siloxane, adsorbed onto a polypropylene carrier, which significantly increases the scratch resistance of thermoplastic components by reducing the scratch depth and also the visibility of scratches. Components that have been produced using BYK-TS 3201 maintain their visual quality for a long period of time. BYK-TS 3201 is odorless and effective at a low dosage.

20.10.2013 - BYK-TS 3200

BYK-TS 3200  - Additive for increasing the scratch resistance of polyolefin-based surfaces and components

BYK-TS 3200 is a block copolymer with 100% active substance, which significantly increases the scratch resistance of thermoplastic components by reducing the scratch depth and also the visibility of scratches. Components that have been produced using BYK-TS 3200 maintain their visual quality for a long period of time. BYK-TS 3200 is odorless and effective at a very low dosage.

18.10.2013 - BYK-081


For a number of years now, the coating market asks for fluorine-free additives, which are just as effective as their fluor-containing predecessors. With the new BYK-081, BYK is therefore providing a defoamer that does not just fulfill legal requirements with regard to being fluorine-free, but also quickly and extremely effectively prevents the build-up of air bubbles and pinholes. BYK-081 replaces the former BYK-080 A, whereby it provides a very good reduction in the surface tension. Thanks to its compatibility, BYK-081 can be used in general industrial coatings, wood and furniture coatings, protective coatings, can coatings and architectural coatings.

11.10.2013 - CERAFLOUR 917

CERAFLOUR 917 - Temperature-stable wax additive for even texture effects in many different systems

In various coating processing methods, high shear rates and high baking temperatures and times play a significant role. CERAFLOUR 917 is exceptionally suited to all applications which have such intensive processing conditions, e.g. coil coatings. It remains stable even at high shear rates and baking temperatures, and generates an even texture. CERAFLOUR 917 is extremely compatible with most binders and can be used in solvent-borne as well as aqueous formulations.

01.08.2013 - BYK-W 9012

BYK-W 9012 - Solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for medium to highly filled ATH SMC and BMC compounds

BYK-W 9012 was especially designed to achieve a dramatic viscosity reduction in ATH filled systems. The additive provides a better homogeneity of the compound, better surface quality of molded parts, an improved batch to batch reproducibility and therefore a lower scrap rate.
BYK-W 9012 has a 100 % active substance and does not contain any solvents.

18.07.2013 - DISPERBYK-2013

DISPERBYK-2013  - Solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for 100 % UV, solvent-borne UV, and water-borne UV systems

DISPERBYK-2013 with its 100 % delivery form is particularly well-suited for UV-curing printing inks and coatings. As DISPERBYK-2013 has a remarkably narrow molecular weight distribution, it provides an excellent dispersion and stabilization of, in particular, organic pigments and carbon blacks. It produces a consistent, low viscosity development during the manufacture of printing inks and coatings and prevents a thixotropic profile, resulting in excellent storage stability.

18.06.2013 - BYK-S 760

BYK-S 760  - “Green” styrene emission reducer for unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester systems with food contact legal status

BYK-S 760 is a new universal styrene suppressant additive for unsaturated polyesters and vinyl ester resins. These resin systems are often used to produce containers and pipes which are later used in the food industry. BYK-S 760 complies with standard food regulations in the EU, US and China. Moreover, the content of “green” raw materials in BYK-S 760 is greater than 85%. More than 70% of the ingredients contain unsaturated groups. These react with the resin during polymerization. The additive is a low viscosity paste and therefore easy-to-use. BYK-S 760 shows no influence on interlaminar adhesion.

18.06.2013 - BYK-A 505

BYK-A 505  - “Green” air release additive based on renewable resources

In recent years a trend towards environmentally friendly polyester resin systems has emerged. BYK-A 505 is the first air release additive for these systems that is based completely on “green” renewable raw materials. The additive is VOC-free and the ingredients do not compete with food production.
BYK-A 505 is an excellent silicone-free air release additive in hand lay-up and spray-up applications without impact on UV-resistance.

14.03.2013 - NANOBYK-3630

NANOBYK-3630 is a dispersion of nano boehmite particles in aromatic-free white spirits.
The additive provides excellent scratch resistance in solvent-borne and high-solid alkyd coatings. NANOBYK-3630 has no influence on gloss, transparency and the drying time of the alkyd system.

14.03.2013 - BYK-1780

BYK-1780 is a highly effective defoamer against microfoam in airless applications and high-build systems.
The additive has 100% active substance. BYK-1780 can be used in pigmented systems and clear coats. It shows no influence on appearance and gloss. Its main application fields are architectural, wood, furniture and protective coatings. BYK-1780 is also suitable for industrial coatings and printing inks.

14.03.2013 - BYK-1785

BYK-1785 is a highly versatile defoamer for water-borne systems for airless, airmix, spray, roller and brush application.
The additive is an emulsion of 30 % active substance. BYK-1785 is highly effective against microfoam and is suitable for low to high-build systems. The additive has no influence on gloss and appearance. Its main application fields are architectural, wood, furniture, industrial and protective coatings.

04.02.2013 - BYK-UV 3505, BYK-UV 3535, BYK-UV 3575, BYK-UV 3576

Surface improvement of radiation curable systems through crosslinkable additives

Radiation curing is a fast and highly effective method to process coatings. Thus, the systems and the additives that are used in this sort of coating production need to react quickly and show some more specific characteristics such as a high mobility, strong surface orientation (for quick access to the coating´s surface), and a good compatibility (for high quality application results in various binder systems). On the basis of a versatile toolbox BYK has now designed an innovative family of different additives for radiation curing systems that do not only possess the above-mentioned qualities but that are also neutral in color and odor. BYK-UV 3505, BYK-UV 3535, BYK-UV 3575, and BYK-UV 3576 crosslink with the coating matrix for no migration and a long-lasting effect. As the additives have been designed individually each of them shows its own profile with respect to slip enhancement or influence on the coatings´ surface tension. All together they form a family that meets the requirements of almost all available systems from solvent-borne to aqueous, or from epoxy acrylates to unsaturated polyesters.

29.01.2013 - DISPERBYK-118

DISPERBYK-118 can be used with all commercially available titanium dioxides, providing excellent results in terms of color strength and hiding power, occasionally to the point of allowing a lower TiO2 dosage. Additionally, DISPERBYK-118 is not only suitable for titanium dioxide but for various other pigments such as inorganic pigments including transparent iron oxides, effect pigments, matting agents, and fillers. DISPERBYK-118 doesn´t only deflocculate and stabilize but also provides a strong reduction of the mill base viscosity and has no negative impact on the coating´s adhesion direct to metal. We recommend the usage of DISPERBYK-118 in industrial, automotive, and wood and furniture coatings, as well as in ambient curing systems and in adhesives and sealants.

18.01.2013 - NANOBYK-3620

VOC-free, aqueous dispersion made up of nanohybrid particles to protect glossy, aqueous, pigmented and unpigmented topcoats against scratching and abrasion.
When coatings are exposed to environmental conditions over a long period, the coated surface loses its protective effect due to mechanical impacts (abrasion), and its optical appearance – e.g. gloss – is impaired (scratches). The new NANOBYK-3620 uses the nanohybrid technology to minimize exactly these phenomena. The additive is especially recommended for aqueous high-gloss 1-K and 2-K systems and has no influence on transparency.
NANOBYK-3620 is liquid and therefore easy to handle.