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New Additives - Archive 2014

19.12.2014 - SCONA TPPP 9212 FA / SCONA TPPP 9212 GA

SCONA TPPP 9212 FA / SCONA TPPP 9212 GA is an adhesion modifier for polypropylene filler and glass fiber compounds, polypropylene natural fiber compounds and one-packs in polypropylene with a particularly high proportion of chemically bound maleic acid anhydride (MAH). The content of 1.8 %, achieved through pure solid-phase grafting, is unprecedented and enables even more efficient bonding of the fibers or fillers to the polypropylene matrix. This produces compounds with excellent mechanical properties. 

24.11.2014 - BYK-4513

BYK-4513 - Adhesion promoter for aqueous 2K epoxy systems to increase the adhesion to metal substrates and the corrosion resistance

Aqueous 2K epoxy systems used as metal primers, industrial coatings, or even for high-performance corrosion protection present special challenges: owing to their high surface tension, aqueous formulations have less effective wetting properties and tolerances with respect to impurities. This generally results in a lower adhesion that reduces the performance of the coating. The new adhesion promoter BYK-4513 significantly improves both dry and wet adhesion of aqueous 2K epoxy systems to metal substrates. Adhesive groups improve the overall adhesion to an extent that the coating can even withstand the effects of weathering. The structure of BYK-4513 is unique and also provides an increase in the coating´s flexibility. BYK-4513 is silane-free and has excellent storage stability. 

24.11.2014 - BYK-7410 ET | BYK-7411 ES | BYK-7420 ES

BYK-7410 ET | BYK-7411 ES | BYK-7420 ES - New liquid and CMR-free rheology additives

As the labeling situation for N-ethylpyrrolidone (NEP) has changed, and as NEP is included as a solvent in BYK-E 410, BYK-E 411 and BYK-E 420, it is necessary to adapt the labeling for these BYK rheology additives by December 31, 2014. BYK has developed alternatives based on carriers which are not labeled as CMR, amide esters (ES) and amide ethers (ET).
Just like BYK-E 410, BYK-E 411 and BYK-E 420, the new rheology additives cover the whole polarity range from high polarity to low polarity. They control the thixotropic flow control properties, have an outstanding shear-thinning effect, and show a time-dependent structure recovery.
BYK-7410 ET, BYK-7411 ES and BYK-7420 ES improve anti-sagging properties and storage stability. Furthermore the rheology additives show a perfect substrate wetting and leveling.

19.11.2014 - BYK-P 9920

BYK-P 9920 - Emission-free processing additive for fiber wetting in epoxy and vinyl ester resins

BYK-P 9920 is a newly developed processing additive that improves the wetting of glass and/or carbon fibers. This leads to a higher product quality, lower scrap rates and less re-work due to less air entrapments and porosity in the final part.
BYK-P 9920 is recommended for use in epoxy resin and vinyl ester systems and shows no negative impact on mechanical properties.

20.10.2014 - CERAFLOUR 964

CERAFLOUR 964 - Blooming-free wax additive for improved degassing of all powder coating systems, in particular beta-HAA and low-temperature systems

Due to its low melting point, CERAFLOUR 964 can also be used in systems with low baking temperatures. It improves degassing without reducing the gloss. CERAFLOUR 964 is immediately effective when extruding and baking. Its good degassing properties prevent the formation of pinholes at higher layer thickness, especially in beta-HAA systems. CERAFLOUR 964 does not reduce the gloss and has no impact on the surface tension, thus no wax film on the surface develops. As CERAFLOUR 964 does not affect the transparency it is also suitable for clear coats. 

09.10.2014 - DISPERBYK-2055

DISPERBYK-2055 - 100% solids wetting & dispersing additive for solvent-free, solvent-borne and water-borne  cost-sensitive formulations.

DISPERBYK-2055 is a high molecular-weight wetting and dispersing additive that covers a very broad application spectrum. It enables the production of high-quality pigment concentrates that can be used to cover almost the entire polarity range of let-down binders – from long oil alkyds through to aqueous binder systems. DISPERBYK-2055 is also extremely well suited for co-grinds, i.e. where pigment blends are being used during the grinding phase. As DISPERBYK-2055 deflocculates and stabilizes both, inorganic and organic pigments, and also provides outstanding results with fillers and matting agents, such co-grinds now only require one wetting and dispersing additive. The smart selection of some key raw materials and a highly efficient production process have led to the development of a product that is not only of high quality, but also exhibits an outstanding price-performance ratio. DISPERBYK-2055 is suited for industrial, automotive, coil, protective and wood and furniture coatings.

22.09.2014 - BYK-1640

BYK-1640 - Polymer-based, VOC- and silicone-free defoamer for aqueous coatings, printing inks, adhesives, paper coatings and construction chemicals. Optimum performance at the lowest dosage. Suitable for applications that come into contact with food.

Mineral oil-based defoamers are widely used, mainly in applications in which price is a key criteria. Negative side effects such as separation tendency, odor, environmental aspects and the often lacking approvals for direct food contact mean that the market is looking for affordable alternatives. BYK-1640 is the alternative providing versatility and excellent cost/performance ratio. The additive is mineral oil- and silicone-free,free of odor and easy to incorporate.

BYK-1640 is emission-free and suitable for direct food contact.

30.06.2014 - BYK-1163 and BYK-1164

BYK-1163 and BYK-1164 - Additives for reducing PVC plastisol viscosity.

BYK-1163 and BYK-1164 enhance the flow properties and hence pumpability of PVC plastisols. The additives take effect primarily at low shear rates. BYK-1163 and BYK-1164 exhibit low volatility, excellent foaming, good thermal and UV stability, and good cost-effectiveness. Both additives are ideal for PVC foams and unfilled formulations, e.g. top coats for floorings.

30.06.2014 - BYKJET-9142

BYKJET-9142 - Solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive to improve the dispersing and particle size distribution of inorganic pigments in low-polarity ceramic inkjet inks.

The additive reduces the viscosity of the inkjet inks and is stable over a long time.

17.03.2014 - DISPERBYK-2200

DISPERBYK-2200 - Wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne and solvent-free liquid coatings, powder coatings, printing inks, and inkjet inks to stabilize phthalocyanine pigments and carbon blacks.

DISPERBYK-2200 is an exceptionally versatile wetting and dispersing additive that is particularly well suited for the various types of phthalocyanine pigments and carbon blacks. DISPERBYK-2200 is a solid, solvent-free, high-molecular-weight copolymer with pigment affinic groups that can be used in a wide range of solvent-borne and solvent-free systems due to the special form in which it is delivered. It can be used directly as supplied or partially dissolved in the dispersion process.

03.02.2014 - NANOBYK-3603

NANOBYK-3603 - VOC-free surface additive based on aluminum oxide nanoparticles to improve the scratch resistance of aqueous systems

The new NANOBYK-3603 is based on just 25 nm aluminum oxide nanoparticles and designed to protect aqueous systems from scratches. The small particle size and a close particle size distribution maintain the transparency and high gloss of coatings. NANOBYK-3603 is VOC-free and liquid, and therefore easy and safe to use in architectural coatings, industrial coatings, wood and furniture coatings, and car polishes.

07.01.2014 - BYK-R 607

BYK-R 607 - Rheology additive for solvent-free and solvent-borne systems to enhance the rheological properties in conjunction with hydrophilic fumed silica and clay additives.

Adding the amine hardener in 2-pack systems causes a spontaneous drop in viscosity. This is the reason why more expensive hydrophobic fumed silicas are used in the resin and hydrophilic fumed silica is applied in the curing agent, but these have negative side effects (higher viscosity, poorer air release ...).
BYK-R 607 now offers a new solution. By adding BYK-R 607 to the curing agent, significantly cheaper hydrophilic silica can be formulated in the resin. Additional benefits are:

• No breakdown of viscosity when amine hardener is added
• Higher sag resistance, application of higher thicknesses possible
• Less air entrapment
• Additive usage reduces final formulation costs
• Faster and better processability of the system

07.01.2014 - BYK-3560

BYK-3560 - Additive for increasing the surface energy of cured coatings

Until now it has only been possible to either reduce the surface energy of cured coatings by adding silicone additives or to maintain its original level by adding acrylate leveling additives. Using the new BYK-3560 the surface energy of cured coatings can now even be increased! BYK-3560 is silicone- and fluorine-free, has 100 % active substance, and is easily incorporated. We recommend to use it in applications such as can and coil coatings, automotive and industrial coatings, as well as wood and furniture coatings and in a wide range of systems: aqueous, solvent-borne, UV-curable, and high solid.