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BYK Additive solutions for thermoplastics

The demands made of compounders and processors are constantly increasing: quality, innovation, and economic efficiency are the key factors for success.
Along with these ever-increasing demands, the strains on raw materials and manufacturing processes are growing in equal measure. However, the physical limits in these areas can quickly reach capacity.
For example, compounds with high filler loadings are hard to process, which can lead to poor dispersion of the fillers and impairment of the mechanical properties. And even the high-quality appearance desired in the production of color masterbatches cannot always be easily achieved.
The dispersion of the pigments is one of the most important stages in the production process, which often does not run ideally. Undesired effects, such as changes in shade or loss of gloss, are possible consequences.
These and other similar problems are countered by BYK additives. Their addition helps to optimize not only the properties but also the processing conditions.
Our portfolio here ranges from additives for liquid color masterbatches and solid masterbatches, through process additives for the production of thermoplastic compounds, to our innovative stripping agent BYK-P 4200 for the effective reduction of VOCs and odors.

Surface Additives

  • Surface Additives

Polyolefins are used in numerous applications, e.g., in the automotive industry. However, the scratch resistance of polyolefin-based component surfaces is not always as high as in other technical solutions. With the products BYK-TS 3200 and BYK-TS 3201, BYK offers two additives that significantly reduce both the scratch depth and the visibility of scratches on thermoplastic components. Components that have been produced using BYK-TS 3200 and BYK-TS 3201 will maintain their visual quality for a long period of time. Moreover, the additives are odorless and easy to incorporate since they are supplied in a solid form.

CLOISITE additives

  • CLOISITE additives

CLOISITE additives have been proven to reinforce thermoplastics by enhancing the flexural and tensile modulus while lowering CLTE. The additives have also proved to be effective at improving the gas barrier properties of thermoplastic systems. The surface char formation and flame retardance of thermoplastic systems have also been improved by incorporating nanoparticles into the structure. CLOISITE additives have been shown to improve the properties of injection-molded parts for the automotive industry, and many other applications.

GARAMITE rheology additives

  • GARAMITE rheology additives

GARAMITE rheology additives are a proprietary blend of minerals that have been “organically modified” for use in applications using polymers such as unsaturated polyesters, epoxides, and vinyl esters. Due to their unique function, GARAMITE additives are offered as superior alternatives to other commonly used rheology modifiers like, e.g., pyrogenic silica in laminating and thermoset composite systems.