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BYK-P 4200: stripping agent to effectively reduce odor and VOCs in polyolefin compounds

Compounders often use additives designed to reduce emissions by absorbing volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). This does bind them, but they nonetheless remain in the plastic. For this reason, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they will be released again under certain conditions.

BYK-P 4200 makes it possible to reduce undesirable VOCs and odors significantly during compounding. The underlying principle of the new additive is that of a stripping agent. Its molecular structure is configured in a way that enables it to activate at the interface of the granules in the melt during compounding, thereby separating the VOCs almost entirely from the granular material. The resulting mixture of VOCs and additive carrier substance is separated out in vapor form during degassing in the course of the compounding process, while the granular material is processed further.

The use of BYK-P 4200 represents an easily applied additive solution that enables compounders to satisfy increasingly demanding requirements with regard to odor and emissions.

Your benefits:

  • Improved reduction of VOC in finished parts according to VDA 278
  • Removal of odor according to VDA 270
  • Easy to process on standard equipment, no additional machinery investment needed
  • Highly quality molded finished parts, no negative influence on mechanical and optical properties