Multifunctional processing additive for low-shrink-SMC and BMC-BYK®-9065

Processing additive for low-shrink SMC and BMC – innovative, multi-functional and economical

The gloss, color uniformity and surface quality requirements of molded plastic parts are more and more demanding. And those increasingly demanding requirements cannot be met without precise control over the entire production process. Modern process additives have become virtually indispensable as a result.

Most processors currently use resin systems and amino acid derivatives such as zinc stearate, but such materials rarely deliver satisfactory results in terms of the appearance of the molded parts.

BYK®-P 9065, on the other hand, is a highly effective polymeric processing additive for use in LS SMC and BMC formulations, which offers many advantages over conventional additives:

  • Much easier raw material handling – BYK®-P 9065 completely replaces the zinc stearate typically used as a release agent.
  • LS SMC and BMC compounds do not separate – cobwebbing is reduced.
  • Lower reject rates through 
    • reduced shrinkage and less warping,
    • higher gloss and reduced surface haze,
    • better color homogeneity and higher surface quality of molded parts.
  • Molded parts no longer need to be sanded before being painted or bonded. BYK®-P 9065 is firmly anchored in the cured resin and does not migrate to the surface of the molded part.
  • The low dosage of BYK®-P 9065 makes it virtually cost-neutral.