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In this section you can find information and dates for upcoming lectures and congresses. We also offer you a selection of our technical articles for downloading.

ECS 2017
Nuremberg, Germany
More information on topics, time and venues please visit our web page BYK Lectures at European Coatings Show Conference 2017.
April 3, 2017 European Coatings Congress
Dr. Guillaume Jaunky: Seeking additives to render the surface of coatings hydrophobic or hydrophilic!
April 4,

Heiko Juckel: Make an economic epoxy easy-to-clean and robust
Holger Wach: Highest matting agent loading with outstanding viscosity reduction in 100% UV-curing coatings. Utopia or reality?
Carsten Nagel: BYK sustainable: regulatory challenges
Heiko Juckel: “Colorful” corrosion protection and high stain resistance with waterborne coatings
April 5,

Dr. Markus Möller: A novel de-foaming concept for 3K-PU levelling systems
Niklas Kircher: More colourful - additives for textile inkjet inks
Marcus Wessel: High performance wax additives in printing inks
Albert Frank: UV inkjet inks – how surface additives enhance performance
April 6,

Carina Schepers: BYK sustainable: Silicones compliant with latest regulations
Carsten Nagel: Meeting the evergrowing demands – on the road to new associative thickener
Mark Heekeren: Evolution of acrylic surface additives – increase of surface energy and anti-crater properties
Marcel Krohnen: Strike back the bubble attack – new solvent-free defoamers for solvent-free and high solids systems with particular focus on 100% UV-curing coatings