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Uses and Exposure Scenarios under REACH

REACH introduced a variety of new obligations to all industry actors. A lot of information about uses has to be communicated up and down the supply chains. Downstream users have the right to make their own use and the uses of their downstream users known to their suppliers. Registrants, on the other hand, have to inform their downstream users about the conditions of safe use by means of exposure scenarios.

The various communication requirements have to be fulfilled in a standardised way. Otherwise industry would be flooded by uncoordinated e-mails and letters. As a consequence, ECHA has developed a use descriptor system consisting of five elements:

  1. sector of use (SU)
  2. chemical product category (PC)
  3. process category (PROC)
  4. environmental release category (ERC)
  5. article category (AC)

The meaningful combination of these use descriptors can reflect almost all possible uses of chemical substances in all industry sectors. The aim of the use descriptor system is the identification of uses in registration dossiers and the development of short titles of exposure scenarios and brief descriptions of the uses covered by a given exposure scenario. It is important to understand that the short title and the brief description of the uses covered in an exposure scenario do not substitute the content of the exposure scenario. A combination of use descriptors is not the exposure scenario. It is essential that the exposure scenario described by its title, brief description of uses covered and the corresponding use descriptors is an integral part of a chemical safety assessment tool, e.g. ECETOC’s targeted risk assessment (TRA) tool. These tools have to be used in the registration process to define the operational conditions and risk management measures necessary for the safe use of a substance.

We will make additional information available for our customers and suppliers on this site with the aim to aid in fulfilling the communication requirements defined by REACH. For instance we will disseminate information related to identified uses and exposure scenarios we support in the registration of the substances we manufacture or import. Please note that some of this information will be developed in the registration process and thus will only become available in the months and years to come. As soon as relevant information is available, we will update this website. Therefore, we invite all interested stakeholders to visit this website regularly to obtain the most up-to-date information.