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Silicone surfactant for aqueous coatings, adhesives, printing inks and overprint varnishes with a considerable reduction in the surface tension and therefore an improvement in the substrate wetting. Does not increase the surface slip. Suitable for systems that do not contain co-solvents.

The additive can be used for food contact applications according to the regulations and conditions specified in our "food contact information" leaflet.

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BYK-348 60 ml / 2 oz
BYK-348 500 ml / 16 oz
Vida de almacenamiento del producto (meses):  60
(Referido al envase original sin abrir y a una temperatura de almacenado de 20ºC aproximadamente)
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(Aplicable según las normativas nacionales)
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Food Contact:
(Estado según las normas de contactos con alimentos)