• 水性体系


毕克化学关注水性技术的未来。水性涂料将取代传统涂料。在大部分情况下,它们既高效又易于处理,性价比高且对环境友好。 同时对生产者和使用者的健康均无危害。


毕克化学的实验室遍布全球,我们的员工开发定制解决方案。 我们的应用技术部门为您提供支持,寻找出满足您当前需求的解决方案。


Polymeric Wetting and Dispersing Additive for Aqueous Systems

DISPERBYK-199 is the first VOC-free wetting and dispersing additive to use electrosteric stabilization  and to combine the increased quality requirements and the demand for greater efficiency. It therefore represents a good alternative to the polyelectrolyte-based dispersing additives or the high
molecular weight wetting and dispersing additives which are often used in aqueous systems. DISPERBYK-199 is ideal for inorganic and organic pigments, and particularly recommended for water-based coatings (PVC 16–35) and highly filled pigment concentrates.


  • Cost-effective alternative to commonly used dispersants (e.g. Na+ and NH4+ salted polyacrylic acids) and high molecular weight wetting and dispersing additives in aqueous systems
  • Same stabilization mechanism in pigment concentrates and base paints > perfect stabilization and color acceptance
  • Introduces no VOC into paints and pigment concentrates (TVOC < 1500ppm)
  • APEO- and amine-free

Overview of Wetting and Dispersing Additives

VOC-free Wetting and Dispersing Additive for High-Quality Pigment Concentrates

DISPERBYK-2015 is a specialist for high-quality, aqueous pigment concentrates, which was developed based on CPT (controlled polymerization technology). This technology enables a close, defined molecular weight distribution that guarantees an application in many different binder systems. DISPERBYK-2015enables a high level of gloss and exceptional color strengths with optimum viscosity and good leveling properties. 


  • Excellent compatibility in a wide range of water-borne resin systems due to narrow molecular weight distribution
  • Good stabilization and deflocculation of organic and inorganic pigments
  • Improves gloss and reduces haze
  • Strong reduction of millbase viscosity allows high pigment loadings
  • VOC-free

Overview of Wetting and Dispersing Additives

VOC-free Silicone Defoamer for Aqueous Systems to Remove the Application-related Microfoam

In 2017, BYK introduced the BYK-1781 additive in order to reduce the occurrence of microfoam in the coating resulting from difficult application methods such as spray painting (HVLP), airless and airmix applications. The new BYK-1786 is the emulsion of BYK-1781. In this form, the additive is easier to incorporate and dose. BYK-1786 is particularly recommended for pigmented and unpigmented architectural, general industrial, protective, wood and furniture coatings, as well as floor coatings, adhesives, sealants, care products and polishes. The additive is VOC- and APEO free and has no impact on transparency, haze, and cratering.


  • Perfect defoaming with no or minor effect on optical properties
  • Broad compatibility with various systems (clear, matted, pigmented)
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Particularly suitable for use in airless/airmix applications
  • VOC- and APEO-free
  • Ecolabel-compliant

BYK-1786 – 水性体系中优良的清晰度

测试体系: Alberdingk AC 2739
用量: 0.3 % (供应形式)基于总配方(后添加)
加入方法: 2 m/s 3 分钟
施工方法: Graco 无气喷涂设备

测试体系: 客户配方
用量: 0.6 % (供应形式)基于总配方
加入方法: 约 6 m/s 10分钟
施工方法: 混气喷涂

VOC-free Silicone-containing Defoamer for Aqueous Wood, Architectural and Industrial Coatings.

BYK-093 is an additional VOC-free silicone-containing defoamer for aqueous wood, architectural and industrial coatings. It is all-purpose and therefore excellently suited as a standard defoamer in the formulation of aqueous systems. Due to its balanced compatibility, it causes virtually no surface defects such as cratering or fogging. BYK-093 can be used both in pigmented and non-pigmented coatings, and is particularly recommended for contemporary, co-solvent-free binders which form the basis of VOC-free or low-VOC formulations. BYK-093 also supports the excellent long-term stability of the finished coating (both at high as well as low temperatures), is easy to incorporate, and suitable for all standard types of application.


  • Environmentally friendly defoamer
  • Excellent long-term efficiency (at high and low storage temperatures)
  • Very compatible, and therefore less surface defects (e.g. turbidity, cratering)
  • Easy incorporation, post-addition recommended
  • Combinations with other defoamers possible
  • Broad application profile
    • Brushing
    • Rolling
    • Flow coatings
    • Curtain coatings
    • Vacumat
    • Spraying
      • Conventional
      • Airless low-viscous
      • Airmix

BYK-093 in a Low-viscous Hydro DIY System, Airless Application

Highly Effective Silicone Additive for Aqueous, Solvent-borne, and UV-curing Systems

BYK-3760 is a unique, highly active polyether-modified polysiloxane. As a result of its low tendency to stabilize foam, BYK-3760 can also be used in applications that involve high shear forces. The additive remains fully effective, even at a very low dosage. At the same time, its outstanding compatibility means that it can be used in a wide variety of resin systems. BYK-3760 is the first representative of a series of new silicone additives that run through an additional production step in which virtually all cyclic siloxanes are removed (D4–D6). As a result, BYK-3760 corresponds to the latest requirements of common ecolabels such as EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan, Blauer Engel, as well as the specifications for use in food contact applications. BYK-3760 is a modern, highly effective, and universal silicone additive which is produced according to the latest BYK technology standards and recommended for usage in

  • General industrial coatings
  • Wood and furniture coatings
  • Can coatings
  • Architectural coatings
  • Protective coatings
  • Printing inks


  • Extremely strong reduction in surface tension

    • excellent anti-cratering properties
    • improved substrate wetting
    • high surface slip – low COF values
    • good scratch resistance

  • Extremely low foam stabilization ⇒ significantly better than standard additives
  • Extensive compatibility in a wide variety of systems ⇒ universal
  • 100 % solid content ⇒ complies with the strict ecolabel requirements; labeling-free

⊕ Ecolabel-compliant
⊕ Cyclic siloxanes content < 0.1%

BYK-3760 – Very Low Foam Stabilization

Fluorine-free, Silicone-containing Additive to Improve Substrate Wetting and Leveling in Aqueous Systems and Solvent-free UV Coatings

Efficient substrate wetting and outstanding leveling are not guaranteed in every system nor are they easy to achieve. A particular challenge is posed by aqueous systems owing to the high surface tension of the medium, and UV systems, which are critical based on their rapid curing and high application speeds. It is for these specific systems that BYK has developed BYK-3456. It is a fluorine-free silicone additive that greatly reduces the dynamic and static surface tension. Even rough and porous substrates (e.g. wood) are wetted perfectly. As BYK-3456 is active both at the interface to the substrate and at the surface, the additive simultaneously improves substrate wetting and leveling. In contrast with many other additives, however, BYK-3456 does not stabilize foam. And there is no negative impact on the recoatability of the system. The additive is compatible with a multitude of resins and stable to hydrolysis across a broad pH range. This is why it is recommended for so many applications:

  • Wood & furniture coatings
  • Architectural coatings
  • General industrial coatings
  • Protective coatings
  • Leather coatings
  • Printing inks
  • Inkjet inks
  • Adhesives
  • Household, industrial and commercial cleaners


  • Excellent substrate wetting even on porous substrates, e.g. wood
  • Improved substrate wetting combined with good leveling properties
  • Reduction in the dynamic surface tension
  • Hydrolytic stability at low and high pH values
  • Eliminates craters, fish eyes and picture framing
  • High compatibility with many resins

⊕ Fluorine-free

BYK-3456 – Mode of Action Compared with Standard Additives





不仅可以优化水性环氧的抗流挂与防沉降,RHEOBYK-440 适用于多种其他水性体系,例如获得良好的金属颜料定向。


  • 特别为最新的水性环氧体系设计

    • 提高抗流挂和防沉降性能
    • 结构快速的回复。高剪变稀
    • 与固化剂混时流变性能稳定
    • 贮存粘度稳定

  • 易操作、易添加

    • 预活化,液态
    • 尤其适用后添加
    • 无需调整pH值;pH稳定

  • 不影响干膜性能(比如防腐、附着)

RHEOBYK-440 – 水性环氧底漆中抗流挂性能高

测试体系:水性双组分环氧体系基于:EPI-REZ* 7520-WD-52/EPIKURE* 6870-W-53;助剂用量:A 组分 0.5 % 的活性物质
活性物质的测试:组分 A 和 B 混合后,使用自动涂布器直接在对比卡上涂布。
*EPI-REZ 和 EPIKURE 是 Hexion 的注册商标


RHEOBYK-7600是一款无VOC、APEO、Tin的缔合型增稠剂(HEUR),用于水性体系时,可以获得高假塑性流动行为。RHEOBYK-7600在低剪切范围内显著增加黏度,当加入色浆时黏度稳定,提高色浆接受性。流变性能与RHEOBYK-TVS HEAT技术相当,还有更好的流动性。该助剂是液体,由于其特殊的组成,与体系很相容,因此易添加、处理。改善流挂趋势、贮存稳定性。在添加时无需专门调整pH值或控制温度。与高剪切有效的流变助剂搭配使用,可以实现最佳的加工性。


  • 调色后黏度稳定
  • 提高色浆接受性
  • 与RHEOBYK-TVS HEAT技术相当的流变性能,且流动性更好
  • 提高抗流挂与贮存稳定性
  • 易操作
  • 无需调整pH值、无需控制温度
  • 不含VOC,APEO和Tin

RHEOBYK-7600 — 调色调色后粘度稳定性的理论思考

水性缔合增稠剂,不含 VOC、APEO 和锡,高假塑性。

RHEOBYK-7610 is a VOC-, APEO- and tin-free associative thickener for aqueous systems, to generate highly pseudoplastic flow behavior. RHEOBYK-7610 considerably increases the viscosity in the low shear range and also provides very good flow. The additive is liquid and therefore easy to handle. Storage stability is improved. It is not necessary to specifically adjust the pH value or control the temperature during incorporation. When combined with rheology additives which are effective in the high shear range, it enables an optimum processability. RHEOBYK-7610 is highly recommended for use in systems for airless application.


  • Highly effective in the low shear range
  • Self-leveling properties with good anti-sagging
  • Stops dropping of coating systems
  • Thick layers by means of spray application (airless/airmix/HVLP)
  • Adds higher elasticity to the system
  • Easy incorporation
  • No pH value adjustment and no temperature control required
  • VOC-, APEO- and tin-free

RHEOBYK-7610 — 特殊流变曲线:自流平体系

用量:0.2 % 活性物质基于总配方

用量:总配方 0.2 % 的活性物质
涂层厚度:200-250 μm(湿膜)