October 06, 2017

byko-spectra pro light booth – See things the right way

byko-spectra pro light booth – See things the right way

byko-spectra pro light

BYK-Gardner, worldwide partner of the automotive, paint and plastic industries for quality control of color, appearance and physical properties, is introducing the new byko-spectra pro. No other light booth came ever closer to natural daylight. Thanks to the combination of LEDs and filtered halogen lamps byko-spectra pro offers the best D65 on the market.

Visual perception is highly subjective as it is influenced by our individual color preferences depending on our personal experience. At the same time we make decisions all the time based on the color of a product. Consistent color is a key factor in our purchasing decision, as we associate it with high quality. To optimize the color consistency, you need standardized test procedure including a neutral surrounding and defined illumination is needed.

The real challenge is to simulate natural daylight which is defined by CIE D65 and D75 illuminants. The daylight-technology used int the byko-spectra pro guarantees accurate color rendering which fulfills the highest class A according to CIE (CIE Publication 51).


  • Standardized and efficient color evaluation with automatic sequence mode
  • Adjustable light level for optimum viewing of any color – from bright to dark
  • Enhanced long-term stability of daylight source
  • D65 and D75 light illumination with additionalLED correction
  • Evaluation of color changes between daylight to incandescent to fluorescent light with 7 different illuminations: D65, D75, A, HZ, CFW, TL85,U30 and UV
  • Internal daylight color temperature recalibration
  • Traceable factory certificate guarantees precision and accuracy of all lamps

The byko-spectra pro supports you in your daily color communication and will be a key component in your approval process. Put byko-spectra pro to the test and check out the unbeatable introduction price!

More information is available from BYK-Gardner GmbH, P.O. Box 970, 82534 Geretsried, Germany: By fax: +49-8171-3493-140, the free service no. 0-800-gardner (0-800-4273637) or on the Internet at

About BYK Additives & Instruments:
BYK Additives & Instruments is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the field of additives and measuring instruments.  Additives are chemical substances which, when used in small quantities, improve product properties such as scratch resistance or surface gloss. Manufacturing processes are also optimized by the addition of additives.
The coatings, inks, and plastics industries are among the main consumers of BYK additives. Yet with the production of oil and gas, the manufacture of care products, the production of adhesives and sealants, and construction chemistry, too, BYK additives improve the product characteristics and production processes. Testing and measuring instruments from BYK can effectively evaluate the quality of color, gloss, and appearance as well as the physical properties of paint, plastic, and paper products and are an important part of quality control.
As a globally operating specialty chemicals company, BYK has production sites in Wesel, Kempen, Moosburg, Schkopau and Geretsried (Germany), Deventer, Denekamp and Nijverdal (Netherlands), Widnes (UK), Wallingford, Chester, Gonzales, Louisville, Rochester Hills, Earth City (USA) and Tongling (China).
Today the company employs around 2,100 people worldwide and forms part of the ALTANA Group. 

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