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Columbia, December 12, 2016

BYK-Gardner byko-visc Rotation Viscometers

BYK-Gardner byko-visc Rotation Viscometers

byko-visc Premium

BYK-Gardner, a global leader in the field of measuring color and appearance and testing physical properties of plastic, coatings and cosmetics is now introducing a complete new line of byko-visc Rotational Viscometers. 

Viscosity is an important property for QC testing in a wide variety of industries.  BYK-Gardner aims to make QC testing of viscosity simple and compatible worldwide.  The new byko-visc line of rotational viscometers operates with high performance at competitive prices. This new line consists of Basic, Advanced and Premium series, which enables you to purchase the functionality that you need.  Additionally, each series is available in low viscosity, medium viscosity and high viscosity models. For unusual and more complicated applications, accessories are also available: Low Viscosity Adapter, Small Sample Adapter, ThermoChamber Accessory, and byko-visc Helio Stand. 

Several byko-visc viscometers’ standard features are considered upgrades when compared to competitive models. The byko-visc models have a user calibration feature to allow for re-calibration of the viscometer. There is no need to return the viscometer to BYK-Gardner for calibration. Standard features of the EX models include a Quick Disconnect accessory making it easier to attach spindles; Datalogger feature which allows for an easy transfer of stored data in the viscometer memory to a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet; and a PT100 temperature probe, which enables you to measure the precise temperature at the time of the viscosity measurement. 

The BYK-Gardner byko-visc line of rotational viscometers is the answer to your worldwide viscometer needs. They are available worldwide and come with a universal power supply of 110 – 230V 50/60Hz. The byko-visc line is also certified to CE, UL, and CSA. BYK-Gardner also offers global calibration, service support, and a two-year warranty.  

BYK-Gardner also offers two additional viscometer models that are primarily designed for the paint and coating industries. The NEW byko-visc DS is a stormer type viscometer that has direct digital readout in Krebs Units (KU), centipoise (cP), and grams (g). This viscometer has a fixed rotation speed of 200 rpm and uses a paddle style spindle in accordance to ASTM D562. It also has a universal power supply to fit your global needs.

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