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Highly shear thinning layered silicate rheological additive for water-borne systems.
Used in surface coatings, household products and general and industrial applications. Also used to stabilize emulsions.
Synergistic benefits are developed when formulated in combinations with polymer based co-thickeners.

The additive can be used for food contact applications according to the regulations and conditions specified in our "food contact information" leaflet.

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LAPONITE-RD 250 ml / 8 oz
LAPONITE-RD 500 ml / 16 oz
Product Shelf Life (months):  48
(refers to unopened original packaging at approx. 20 °C storage temperature)
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Safety Data Sheet (MSDS):
(According to national regulations applicable)
(BYK regulatory information)
Food Contact:
(Regulatory status according to food contact regulations)