Additives for Adhesives & Sealants

Glueing as a means of joining different components has become an integral part of today’s modern industry sectors such as the automotive industry or the electrical industry. This innovative way of bonding elements is increasingly taking the place of the classic methods, such as welding, screwing, or riveting. BYK is your competent technology partner when it comes to improving the properties of adhesives and sealants systematically.

BYK offers additives for all types of adhesive systems, ranging from aqueous dispersion adhesive products to solvent-borne systems or solvent-free reactive systems, for example polyurethanes, epoxies, acrylates, and silane-terminated polymers. The additive portfolio offered for the field of hot-melt adhesives is growing increasingly as well.

The silicone-free polymer defoamers are the defoamers that are likely to be the most relevant for adhesives. Thixotropic or pseudoplastic behavior can be adjusted systematically by using the liquid rheology additives. The wetting and dispersing agents help disperse fillers and pigments, achieve a higher filling level by reducing viscosity, and prevent sedimentation. The surface additives improve substrate wetting, for example for silicone carrier foils and plastic parts. BYK wax additives ensure that the hot-melt adhesive granulates remain pourable and do not compact. A large number of BYK additives also meets the requirements set by different directives on foodstuffs (EU/FDA).

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