Additives for Architectural Coatings

Architectural coatings make up more than 50% of the entire coatings market. They range from wall paint for the interior to external coatings for facades as well as decorative coatings for wood and metal, as used, for example, with windows, doors, fences, and grids. The properties demanded of the coating, however, vary significantly from craftsmanship to professional applications.

BYK offers additives for aqueous as well as solvent-borne systems for application in different binders, such as acrylates, styrene-acrylate, alkyds, TPA, and PU. These additives can regulate the basic required properties, such as great pigment stabilization, wetting and dispersing, improving surface properties, substrate wetting, defoaming, and prevention of settling and sagging, just to name a few. New additives have been developed especially for improved coating adhesion on old coats of paint. BYK additives and additive combinations are used systematically in dependence of the application method, such as painting or spray coating (airless).

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