Additives for Automotive Refinish Coatings: Putty

BYK-A 555

Silicone-free polymer-based air release additive for unsaturated polyester resins. Suitable for all types of unsaturated polyester resins and processing methods. In particular, also suitable for pultrusion applications with acrylic, unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins.

BYK-W 966

Wetting and dispersing additive for filled unsaturated polyester resins as well as acrylic, PU and epoxy resins to reduce viscosity and prevent settling. For fiber reinforced spray-up and hand lay-up resins, adhesives and cobalt-accelerated putty compounds. Aromatic-free solution of ANTI-TERRA-U 100.

BYK-W 969

Wetting and dispersing additive for amide accelerated UP, EP, PUR systems and adhesives to reduce viscosity in mineral-filled systems. Embedded into the polymer matrix due to their OH functionality. Prolonged gelling time in cobalt-accelerated UP resins.

BYK-W 980

Wetting and dispersing additive to reduce viscosity and prevent fi llers from settling in ambient curing resin systems and adhesives as well as for polyester molding compounds, wet mat molding and pultrusion applications


Rheology additive in powder form based on an organophilic phyllosilicate especially for polar as well as for medium-polarity systems to generate thixotropic flow behavior.


Powdered rheology additive for non-polar to medium-polarity solvent-borne systems.


Powdered rheology additive for non-polar solvent-borne systems, powder coatings, adhesives and sealants.