Additives for Floor Coatings

Across the world, increasing numbers of floors are being finished with liquidpolymer coatings. They used to only be seen in warehouses and productionsites, but now you’ll come across them in shopping centers, schools, and hospitals. These coatings are now also available to end clients, whether they be for decorative purposes in bathrooms or to roll over the old screed in the garage. Epoxy systems have the largest share in floor coatings.

In commercial areas, the manufacture of the coatings is subject to increasingly tighter regulations, for example relating to volatile organic compounds. For this reason, high-solid and solvent-free systems are growing ever more important. However, solvent-free systems are significantly more difficult to handle during manufacturing and application, which can be explained by their high inherent viscosity and reactivity. Diverse additives are therefore now used which simplify system handling and make it possible to obtain more reproducible results.

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