H2S Scavengers

H2S Scavengers

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas is one of  the most dangerous hazards in the oil and gas industry. Formed by the decay of organic matter containing sulfur, H2S gas is both highly toxic and flammable.

Not only is H2S deadly, but it can also cause sulfide stress corrosion cracking in metals, such as casing.
Luckily with proper monitoring and control procedures in place, H2S can be precipitated from both water-based and oil-based fluids by treatment with an H2S scavenger.

BYK has developed two zinc-based liquid H2S scavengers that can quickly and thoroughly eliminate the threat of H2S through the precipitation of zinc sulfide.

The liquid form allows for a more rapid precipitation rate than those exhibited by powdered zinc-containing H2S scavengers.

Water-Based Fluid Test Results

Sample # Base12
Mud Formulation
Tap Water, mL 340340340340340340340
API, Bentonite, lb/bbl 10101010101010
Xanthan Gum, lb/bbl
Lignite, lb/bbl
Added for Testing
Sodium Sulfide
Nonahydrate, lb/bbl
Zinc Oxide, lb/bbl 2.00
Triazine, lb/bbl 3.00
BYK-GO 8780 lb/bbl 4.258.50
BYK-GO 8781 lb/bbl 1.003.00
Hydrogen Sulfide, mg/l 16509003001500.005000.00
  • With the liquid BYK-GO 8780 and BYK-GO 8781, the precipitation of zinc sulfide is almost immediate.
  • H2S was essentially eliminated by increasing the dose level of the BYK scavengers.