Scale Inhibitors

Scale Inhibitors

Scale deposition is one of the most common water related production issues, which occurs due to the buildup of inorganic salts from aqueous solutions. Temperature, pressure, and pH changes, mixing of incompatible brines, and other issues can facilitate the formation of scale at various points of the production process. Scale deposition can cause blockage within the well or in the near-well bore region, which can lead to a variety of negative production issues.

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Capabilities / Technology

BYK utilizes a wide array of chemical processes and technological expertise to be the leading solutions provider to our global customer base. This same expertise has been leveraged into the development of our scale inhibitor products, which help our customers address scaling issues in various environments around the world.

Product Offerings

Product ScaleDescriptionActive Content (%)
SrSO4 CaSO4 CaCO3 BaSO4Polyacrylate44
BYK-155 US
CaSO4 CaCO3Polyacrylate42
DISPERBYK-194 N CaSO4Polyacrylate57