Additives for Ambient Curing Systems

Ambient curing resin systems generally include systems on the basis of UP/VE, epoxy, polyurethane or dissolved acrylate resins. The applications range from fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP, CFRP), mold construction, roof coating / floor covering, electrical insulation systems or polymer concrete to solid surface applications such as kitchen countertops. All applications require the best possible processability and system stability.

BYK additives can improve nearly all aspects of the system. Rheology and air release additives, for example, are capable of improving processing, while wetting and dispersing additives affect the storage stability, e.g. sedimentation. Coupling agents improve the mechanical resilience of the finished components, and styrene emission reducers decrease workplace pollution if UP systems are used. Surface-active additives optimize substrate wetting and leveling of the systems.

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