Industrial Coatings

Solvent-borne pigmented systems

We have different TiO2 grades in our company. Which additive can I use to stabilize them in different solvent-borne coatings?

As there are many different types of titanium dioxide with basic, acidic or neutral treatment it is desirable to have an additive that works with all of them, ideally with other pigments or fillers, too. The new DISPERBYK-118 fulfills exactly this requirement and provides excellent hiding power along with a strong reduction of the mill base viscosity and no negative impact on the coating´s direct-to-metal adhesion.

Water-borne plastic coating

We developed a 1K water-borne high gloss clear coat for plastic. The substrate is black therefore we are facing big problems with mechanical resistance.

NANOBYK-3620 uses nano hybrid technology to provide outstanding surface protection of aqueous coatings. This additive is especially recommended for high gloss systems and has no influence on transparency. The VOC-free aqueous dispersion improves scratch and abrasion resistance.

Epoxy systems

For our epoxy system we need a dispersing additive for organic pigments. With our standard additive we are not satisfied regarding color development. We tried a lot of products but in most cases with the good ones gelling occurs during storage.

DISPERBYK-2152 has a unique hyperbranched structure. The product provides excellent stabilization of inorganic and organic pigments, avoids flooding and floating and does not influence the storage stability.