• BYK reveals the excellent properties of BYK additives!

The films

BYK Additives & Instruments in its new film series enables unique design objects to be experienced which have been created with the aid of BYK’s premium additives.

Video 1 features the BMW i8 sports car, as a sustainably produced and energy-saving hybrid vehicle with outstanding driving characteristics.

In Video 2, the Infinity Bridge near Stockton-on-Tees in the north-east of England sets new standards in bridge construction with its iconic design.

Video 3 features a grand piano, which enjoys a global reputation on account of its unique sound and quality.

Film 4 shows in an extraordinary way which results can be achieved with the use of BYK surface additives.

These objects caught on camera between tradition and innovation take you to a world full of emotion and excellence. They have been created with an unrivaled passion and the drive to fashion something extraordinary – just like the BYK additives used in their manufacture.