• Aqueous Systems

Minimize the environmental impact of your aqueous systems!

BYK concentrates on aqueous systems as a technology of the future. Water-based coatings are the modern alternative to conventional systems. In most cases, they are just as efficient and easy to process, and are cost-effective and environmentally friendly to boot. At the same time, they pose no risk to the health of users and end-consumers.

BYK is your competent partner for aqueous coatings.
At BYK laboratories all over the world, our employees develop custom solutions. Our application technology department offers you support in finding solutions to your current needs.
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Here we present some highlights for aqueous systems:

Wetting and Dispersing Additives for Aqueous Systems without Negative Impact on Water Sensitivity, Stain and Corrosion Resistance

Wetting and dispersing additives for aqueous coating systems always possess a certain hydrophilic character. Essentially, they are needed to wet, disperse and stabilize pigments and fillers. However, the hydrophilic structure of the additives also continues to have an impact in the cured coating film. This may cause key film properties such as water, corrosion and stain resistance to be impaired.

DISPERBYK-2080 and DISPERBYK-2081 are new additives that are particularly suited to aqueous anti-corrosive primers, direct to metal systems, and aqueous wood and furniture coatings. They offer significant viscosity reduction and a good deflocculation, especially of inorganic pigments, fillers and anti-corrosive pigments, without impairing the coatings´ resistance.

These two highly interesting additives prove BYK´s outstanding technological expertise. They do not only make possible what seems to be so difficult: a combination of good viscosity reduction and deflocculation of pigments on one hand and the least negative influence on water, stain, and corrosion resistance on the other. Additionally, to support the determination of the anti-corrosion properties of coatings, a cutting-edge testing technology was applied, the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), providing evidence that BYK is handling measurements according to the latest standards. For further information on the use of EIS at BYK please contact your local BYK partner.


  • Preserve the

    • Water resistance
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Stain resistance
    • Early water resistance

    of aqueous systems.

  • Have a positive impact on

    • Gloss retention
    • Adhesion

  • Have good wetting and dispersing properties with excellent viscosity reduction
Test system: Aqueous direct to metal acrylate coating; Substrate: Cold-rolled steel; Dry film thickness: 80 μm; Drying: Seven days at room temperature;
Test method: Salt spray test (ISO 9227:2006), Duration: 720 h, Gloss measurement at 60°

5 = excellent; 1 = unacceptable
Test system: Resin-free aqueous pigment grind (slurry, 70 % titanium dioxide) and 3.5 % additive (solid based on the pigment); Letdown product: Aqueous acrylate dispersion
Application: On a glass plate with a doctor blade, 100 μm wet film thickness; Drying conditions: One week at 20 °C, 65 % relative air humidity
Test method: Stain resistance test according to DIN 68861-1 (DIN EN 12720); Gloss measurement at 60°

Wetting and Dispersing Additives for Water-borne Universal Colorants

Pigment concentrates are commonly used to color architectural coatings, both in the professional and the DIY field. It is true that aqueous systems dominate the market; however, solvent-borne alkyd coatings and high-solids, for example, are still widely used. DISPERBYK-2060, DISPERBYK-2061 and DISPERBYK-2062 comply with BYK's claim to provide an environmentally friendly, highly effective and customer-oriented solution. They offer a broad compatibility in aqueous and solvent-borne systems, cover the entire spectrum of inorganic and organic pigments, as well as carbon blacks. DISPERBYK-2060, DISPERBYK-2061 und DISPERBYK-2062 are VOC and APEO-free and have no influence on the coating viscosity or the coating drying respectively.


  • Broad compatibility of the pigment concentrates in aqueous and solvent-borne coatings
  • Cover the entire spectrum of inorganic and organic pigments, as well as carbon blacks
  • VOC- and APEO-free
  • High color strength and outstanding rub-out
  • No influence on the coating viscosity
  • No influence on the coating drying

Starting point formulations for universal colorants can be found here.

Heliogen® blue L 7101 F, DISPERBYK-2061 dosage solid based on the pigment, 0.5 % OPTIGEL-WX
Heliogen is a registered trademark of BASF

Test system: Long oil alkyd
Universal pigment concentrate: Pigment: Bayferrox* 130 M, Additive dosage: 8 % active substance on pigment
Mixing ratio: Test system: Pigment concentrate 97:3
*Bayferrox is a registered trademark of Lanxess

Associative Thickener to Adjust High Shear Viscosity in Water-borne Coatings

Associative Thickener to Generate Highly Pseudoplastic Flow Behavior for Aqueous Systems

Modern coating systems and their resins require specific, tailor-made additives that provide the optimum performance. At the same time, more and more environmentally sound coating systems are in demand and consequently the raw materials have to follow these requirements.

BYK offers a broad range of high-performance polyurethane thickeners that are:

  • VOC-free
  • APEO-free
  • Tin-free

The new OPTIFLO additives comprehensively meet all the specified environmental and market standards and country-specific industrial quality labels. The new OPTIFLO additives are further proof that environmentally friendly solutions and high performance do not contradict.

Test system: High gloss alkyd emulsion paint
Dosage: % as supplied on total formulation

Test system: Glossy water-borne UV-curing coating based on
urethane/acrylic copolymer (NeoRad® R-452).
Dosage needed to adjust flow time (flow cup DIN 4) to 26 sec.
Viscosity measurement: RHEOPLUS/32 V3.62, CP25-1, 0.1 – 1,000 s-1
*5 = Excellent, 3 = Moderate, 1 = Unacceptable

Test system: Pure acrylic
Dosage: 0.15 % active substance based on the total formulation
Test method: Kegel plate/cone viscometer

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