BYK Additives & Instruments

Additives for Fabric Care

Your benefits when using BYK additives

  • Softening already in the washing process
  • Less fabric graying
  • Easy ironing effect
  • Greater wear comfort of the clothing
  • Natural, softening raw materials

Bentonites (layered silicates) have a remarkable, long-known fabric softening effect, especially on cotton and wool. The common explanation states that bentonite prevents encrustation of fibers by calcium and magnesium salts, and instead it is bentonite that deposits in a thin protective layer on the fibers. In this way, the slip effect of the layered silicate platelet stacks and the soft feel of the bentonite are transferred to the fabric.

BENTOLITE-L protects fibers from encrustation and keeps fabrics soft

Additives for Fabric Care - BENTOLITE-L
Encrusted fibers
Additives for Fabric Care - BENTOLITE-L
Bentonite protects fibers from encrusting

Even ironing is made easier. As bentonites are hydrophilic and absorb perspiration, they also improve the wear comfort of the clothing.

Bentonite can be used in detergents because it is compatible with all the raw materials included. The softening effect is then achieved already in the washing process. Products that wash and soften at the same time are known as 2-in-1 detergents or “softergents”.

BYK offers white layered silicates in powder form, which have fabric softening properties as a primary or secondary effect. They are used in 2-in-1 powder detergents, 2-in-1 liquid detergents, detergent compounds, detergent additives and in tumble-dryer sheets. In addition to the best possible softening effect, also the highest possible whiteness of the bentonite additive is desired for aesthetic reasons.