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Additives for Surface Care

Your benefits when using BYK additives

  • Buffability and gloss
  • Anti-slip effect
  • Foot traffic resistance
  • Dirt pick-up resistance
  • Water resistance

Aqueous floor polishes essentially consist, in addition to water, of polymer emulsions and wax additives. Wax emulsions and dispersions have a considerable influence on the performance characteristics of the care product: buffability, dirt pick-up resistance, surface slip (anti-slip), and foot traffic resistance are the main focus. The range of properties of a floor polish can be optimized by adjusting the wax/polymer ratio in the formulation.

BYK offers a broad range of wax products for floor polishes, as well as surface-active additives to improve substrate wetting and defoamers to prevent foam build-up.

Special effects, such as floors with a metallic shine, can be formulated by using special pearlescent pigments (ECKART).

Slip/Anti-slip Effect of Various Wax Additives

These products are usually emulsions of highly hydrophobic silicone oils in water which, in addition to a gloss effect, also have a water-repelling effect. To stabilize the silicone oil in the aqueous phase, BYK offers layered silicates, which ensure this stabilization entirely without the use of conventional
surfactant-based emulsifiers. Such emulsions are called Pickering emulsions. The polishes are simply sprayed on and adhere well to tires. The water resistance is exceptional. By dispensing with emulsifiers, there can be no re-emulsifying of adhesive oils or greases.

Tire shine based on a silicone-in-water Pickering emulsion with 0.9 % LAPONITE-RD

Additives for Surface Care - Tire shine based on a silicone-in-water Pickering emulsion with 0.9 % LAPONITE-RD
Without polishWith polish