New Additives

21.01.2020 - CLAYTONE-MPZ

CLAYTONE-MPZ – High-performance organoclay for medium to high-polar systems

Organophilic phyllosilicates are characterized by a versatile range of properties.  They are e.g. used in all types of primers, intermediate coatings, and topcoats, sometimes in combination with other rheological additives. In addition to anti-settling properties, they also offer anti-sagging properties. CLAYTONE-MPZ is especially suitable for applications with high requirements with regard to rheology. It has been specially processed to ensure maximum performance, which gives this organoclay an edge over the rest of the product portfolio.

07.01.2020 - BYK-1751

BYK-1751 – Polymer-based, silicone- and aromatic-free defoamer for solvent-borne printing inks and coating systems with a broad compatibility

BYK-1751 prevents foam formation in printing ink and coating systems during production and filling. It prevents air entrapment during processing. The additive spontaneously destroys foam and does not reduce intercoat adhesion during recoating. It does not contain aromatic solvents and silicones.
BYK-1751 is the aromatic-free version of BYK-051 N.