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New Additives - Archive 2015

21.09.2015 - DISPERBYK-2026

DISPERBYK-2026 – new wetting and dispersing additive for stabilizing a multitude of organic and inorganic pigments and matting agents in solvent-borne coil coatings, wood and industrial coatings and pigment concentrates

DISPERBYK-2026 is a wetting and dispersing additive that perfectly deflocculates and stabilizes a broad range of organic and inorganic  pigments and can be used in a multitude of different binder systems. This product profile reduces the complexity, optimizes the production process – and ultimately saves costs. DISPERBYK-2026 has been produced based on the controlled polymerization technology developed by BYK and therefore has a very narrow molecular weight distribution which ensures the broad compatibility. In addition, DISPERBYK-2026 reduces the viscosity of pigment concentrates to an ideal processing level – but is also particularly effective in single and co-grinds. DISPERBYK-2026 has excellent temperature stability and does not cause yellowing in baking systems, even at high temperatures. We recommend its use in coil coatings, industrial and wood coatings, and pigment concentrates.

31.08.2015 - ANTI-TERRA-210

ANTI-TERRA-210 – wetting and dispersing additive to avoid the sedimentation of fumed silica in laminating resins which are based on unsaturated polyester

Laminating resins are usually based on unsaturated polyester resins and contain a certain amount of hydrophilic fumed silica (0.7 %–1.0 %) to create a slight thixotropy. This thixotropy enables the laminate to stay on vertical surfaces without sagging. Laminating resins are used for a broad variety of products and are applied in a hand lay-up or spray-up process. Before processing, the resin can be stored for several weeks. The fumed silica often settles during that period, leaving a clear layer of resin at the top of the container. Especially in non-transparent containers, this carries the risk of using resin without any fumed silica. This problem has been known for many years but so far it has not been possible to resolve it without disproportionate expense.

ANTI-TERRA-210 creates a stable laminating resin. It is no longer necessary to mix before use. The additive guarantees safe handling and improved storage stability. The very low product dosage means that this solution is particularly cost effective. ANTI-TERRA-210 has no impact on curing properties.

20.04.2015 - BYK-1690 SD and BYK-1691 SD

BYK-1690 SD and BYK-1691 SD – Solid Defoamers for the Construction Industry

BYK-1690 SD and BYK-1691 SD are solid, versatile, efficient, VOC- and silicone-free defoamers for minerally bound construction material systems and are very compatible in various mineral binder systems. Even at low dosages, the additives show a consistent, good defoaming effect over a long period of time with optimum surface characteristics of the end product.

25.03.2015 - BYK-P 9912

BYK-P 9912 – processing additive for polyurethane composites

BYK-P 9912 is liquid and was specifically developed for use as a processing additive in polyurethane systems. Due to additional internal mold release properties, it accelerates the production process by significantly reducing the time that the mold is idle. BYK-P 9912 has no negative impact on processing parameters such as viscosity and reactivity. No negative influence on the mechanical properties of the finished component could be observed either.

17.03.2015 - BYKJET-9152

BYKJET-9152 – solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for aqueous, solvent-borne and UV-curing inkjet inks

A wide variety of different binders, solvents and pigments are utilized in the manufacture of inkjet inks, and so it makes good sense to use wetting and dispersing additives with a wide range of applications, since this facilitates the development and manufacture of the most diverse inkjet inks.

BYKJET-9152 is a 100% wetting and dispersing additive which can be used in almost all kinds of inkjet ink systems. Not only does it display a very good performance and excellent viscosity reduction properties, it also secures outstanding storage stability for the inkjet inks and prevents viscosity increase during storage.

As it fulfills the “no-migration principle”, the additive is suitable for use in indirect food contact applications.

17.03.2015 - DISPERBYK-2060 / DISPERBYK-2061

DISPERBYK-2060 and DISPERBYK-2061 - Wetting and dispersing additives for water-borne universal colorants and effect pigment slurries

Pigment concentrates are commonly used to color architectural coatings, both in the professional and the DIY field. It is true that aqueous systems dominate the market; however, solvent-borne alkyd coatings and high-solids, for example, are still widely used. DISPERBYK-2060 and DISPERBYK-2061 comply with BYK's claim to provide an environmentally friendly, highly effective and customer-oriented solution. They offer a broad compatibility in aqueous and solvent-borne systems, cover the entire spectrum of inorganic and organic pigments, as well as carbon blacks. DISPERBYK-2060 and DISPERBYK-2061 are VOC and APEO-free and have no influence on the coating viscosity or the coating drying respectively.