New Additives - Archive 2019

22.10.2019 - BYK-MAX FR 4144

BYK-MAX FR 4144 – Concentrate of flame-retardant synergists for halogen-free flame-retardant thermoplastic compounds

In order to meet high requirements on flame retardancy ATH and MDH must be added to halogen-free thermoplastic compounds which inhibit the flammability and combustibility of these materials.
Unfortunately, these formulations still cause dripping in the event of a fire. To prevent this undesirable side effect, BYK has developed a synergist which enables a very good, drip-free flame retardancy even with a low ATH or MDH dosage, without having any negative impact on important mechanical
properties: BYK-MAX FR 4144.
The new flame-retardant synergist, BYK-MAX FR 4144, is unique in terms of its efficiency and compatibility. It is a dust-free granulate which is particularly easy to add together with the polymer or filler when compounding.

24.09.2019 - CERACOL 610 and CERACOL 615

CERACOL 610 and CERACOL 615 – Wax additives to improve the surface properties of coating formulations, especially can coatings systems

CERACOL 610 and CERACOL 615 are microcrystalline wax dispersions. Both additives are particularly effective in BPA-free can coatings systems. They achieve low COF values, high scratch resistance and good optical properties, before and after the sterilization process. At higher dosages, CERACOL 610 and CERACOL 615 also provide meat-release properties. CERACOL 610 is recommended for solvent-borne medium-polarity systems. CERACOL 615 is particularly effective in polar solvent-borne and aqueous systems with a high proportion of co-solvents.

24.09.2019 - BYK-061

BYK-061 – Silicone defoamer for solvent-borne and solvent-free systems with outstanding stability even at low temperatures

Solvent-free systems based on epoxy or PUR resins, which are used in floor coatings as a binder, for example, require a fast and efficient air release during the application, since these formulations generally have a greater viscosity. However, the same applies to solvent-borne coatings, e.g. alkyd systems, to obtain a defect-free surface after the application. If the additive is stored or processed at low temperatures, the requirements for the performance of the defoamer are even higher. The new BYK-061 meets all of these expectations in full. The additive offers fast and spontaneous defoaming. BYK-061 shows high stability and performance even at low temperatures. A further advantage is the achievement of very good results even at a very low dosage.

27.08.2019 - BYK-1707, BYK-3750, BYK-3752, BYK-3754, BYK-3761, BYK-3762, BYK-3764, BYK-3770 and BYK-3771

BYK-1707, BYK-3750, BYK-3752, BYK-3754, BYK-3761, BYK-3762, BYK-3764, BYK-3770 and BYK-3771 – Silicone additives with a significantly reduced content of cyclic siloxanes.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) added the cyclic siloxanes D4, D5 and D6 to the EU REACH candidates list for “Substances of Very High Concern” (SVHC). BYK is obliged to show this information on the EU safety data sheet (section 15) if at least one of these substances is present in a BYK additive in a quantity of 0.1 % or greater. It means that when the affected additives are used in coatings, plastics, printing inks or adhesives, and in the various end applications, increased demands on the protection of health and safety can be required. To keep the use of the silicone additives in question as simple and uncomplicated as possible, BYK has purified well-known standard additives and is now offering versions of these products with a low cyclic siloxanes content. They are SVHC label-free and can be dosed and applied in the same way as the standard versions, hence there is no need to change the formulation.

14.08.2019 - BYK-1630

BYK-1630 – VOC- and APEO-free Mineral Oil Defoamer for Aqueous Architectural Coatings, General Industrial Coatings, Floor Coatings and Adhesives.

Mineral oil defoamers are widely used in the coating and paint industry. They offer a good price-performance ratio, especially in aqueous emulsion paints and plasters with a high to medium PVC, and also in adhesive dispersions.
BYK-1630 is a new mineral oil defoamer from BYK, which contains some silicone to improve its effectiveness. This gives the additive an excellent defoaming effect in a wide range of systems.
In addition, BYK-1630 is very stable when stored compared to standard products on the market and shows no separation. The defoamer is VOC- and APEO-free.

14.08.2019 - FULCAT-22 F

FULCAT-22 F – Acid leached phyllosilicate with a high reactivity for the catalysis of acid-catalyzed reactions, specifically designed for Friedel-Crafts alkylations / acylation.

Acid activation of the natural phyllosilicate structure develops enhanced Lewis and Brönsted acid sites that combine to give catalytic activity across a wide range of acid catalyzed reactions. FULCAT-22 F is particularly recommended for Friedel-Crafts alkylation/acylation reactions, for example in the production of phenolic and aminic anti-oxidants for use in rubber, fuel and lubricant industries. Close control of the particle size distribution of FULCAT-22 F, and in particular the fine particle content, delivers excellent filtration characteristic for downstream separation.

16.07.2019 - RHEOBYK-7405

RHEOBYK-7405 – Aromatic- and tin-free thixbooster for solvent-free and solvent-borne systems. Aromatic-free variant of RHEOBYK-405.

Organophilic phyllosilicates and fumed silica are used in coatings in order to control rheological properties such as settling, syneresis and sag resistance. Additionally thixboosters like the new RHEOBYK-7405 can be used.
RHEOBYK-7405 increases the efficiency of the rheology additive that is being used, and therefore significantly protects the coating system from settling, syneresis and sagging. With RHEOBYK-7405 there is also the possibility to reduce the level of fumed silica or organophilic phyllosilicates without impairing performance. This can reduce negative influences, e.g. on the gloss, while at the same time achieve more cost-effective formulations. RHEOBYK-7405, supplied as a liquid, is easy to incorporate, aromatic- and tin-free. Deaerating and leveling are not negatively influenced.

02.07.2019 - DISPERBYK-2030

DISPERBYK-2030 – High Molecular weight wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-free UV-curable printing inks and inkjet inks. Suitable for all pigment types.

DISPERBYK-2030 is a high molecular weight wetting and dispersing additive based on controlled polymerization technology (CPT) for solvent-free UV-curable inkjet inks and printing inks.
The additive improves pigment wetting and, thanks to its outstanding steric stabilization of the pigments, it also improves the optical properties of the systems (optical density, color strength, gloss, haze, transparency). The viscosity of the pigment concentrates and the finished inkjet and printing inks is reduced and thixotropy is prevented. Additionally, the water and alcohol resistance of the cured film is improved, thanks to the hydrophobic structure of the product DISPERBYK-2030 is compatible with all commonly used reactive diluents and shows no crystallization tendency. Furthermore the additive can be used for indirect food contact applications.

02.04.2019 - RHEOBYK-7610

RHEOBYK-7610 – VOC-, APEO- and tin-free associative thickener for aqueous systems, to generate a highly pseudoplastic flow behavior

RHEOBYK-7610 is an associative thickener for aqueous systems. It generates a highly pseudoplastic flow behavior and considerably increases the viscosity in the low shear range. The most impressive feature, however, is the outstanding self-leveling properties of the finished system. For this reason, alongside good anti-sagging, e.g. at airless/airmix/HVLP application, RHEOBYK-7610 simultaneously offers a perfect surface due to its self-leveling effect. The storage stability and the colorant acceptance have also been improved. Moreover, the foaming behavior of RHEOBYK-7610 is a noteworthy aspect. The additive is liquid and easy to handle. It is not necessary to adjust the pH value or control the temperature during incorporation.

18.03.2019 - RHEOBYK-440

RHEOBYK-440 - Liquid, Polyamide-based Rheology Additive for Modern Aqueous Systems

Over the past years, the focus of developments in protective coatings has increasingly moved to aqueous systems based on epoxy dispersions. These coatings are highly pigmented and applied in thick layers, requiring the rheological properties to be controlled using a suitable additive. The established products are only slightly or even not at all effective, and some are completely incompatible in epoxy dispersions.

The new, polyamide-based RHEOBYK-440, however, is a tailor-made solution for these modern, water-based systems. RHEOBYK-440 does not only provide outstanding anti-sagging and anti-settling properties in water-based protective coatings, it is also recommended for usage in many other applications such as automotive coatings, general industrial coatings, wood and furniture coatings, architectural costings and floor coatings. It can also be used e.g. to achieve a good effect pigment orientation.

12.03.2019 - RHEOBYK-7600

RHEOBYK-7600 - VOC-, APEO- and tin-free associative thickener (HEUR) for aqueous systems, to generate a highly pseudoplastic flow behavior

With RHEOBYK-7600, BYK is offering a unique associative thickener based on a new technology. RHEOBYK-7600 leads to a considerable increase in the viscosity in the low shear range, stabilizes the viscosity when the colorant is added, and improves the color paste acceptance.
The new additive also offers a significantly better leveling properties. As well as being VOC-, APEO-, and tin-free, RHEOBYK-7600 is also liquid, which facilitates incorporation and handling. Due to its composition, it is highly compatible in many aqueous systems. The sagging tendency and the storage stability are improved.

12.03.2019 - BYK-3566

BYK-3566 – Macromer-modified Acrylate with Longer Silicone Chain for a Stronger Increase in the Surface Energy Level

BYK-3566 is the latest addition to BYK´s range of macromer-technology based surface acrylates that provide an increase in the surface energy of dried coatings. The relatively long silicone-macromer chain which is the key characteristic of BYK-3566 causes a powerful orientation to the interface paint/air and thus increases its efficiency to a superior level. In this respect, BYK-3566 shows the strongest effect of all additives of this product family. Additionally, the longer chain provides certain anti-crater properties.
BYK-3566 is recommended for use in aqueous, solvent-borne, UV and 100 % systems.

12.03.2019 - BYK-327

BYK-327 – Silicone-based surface additive for solvent-borne, solvent-free, radiation-curable and aqueous systems, to improve leveling. Defoaming effect in floor coatings.

BYK-327 is a polyether modified-polysiloxane which can be used in aqueous systems, polar solvent-borne systems and in solvent-free systems. It has excellent leveling properties and causes a moderate reduction in the surface tension. BYK-327 has very little effect on foam or even has a defoaming effect, depending on the system. This is due to its balanced polarity. BYK-327 is soluble in most common solvents, as well as in water without causing turbidity. This makes BYK-327 particularly suitable for clear coat systems.

05.03.2019 - BYK-1795

BYK-1795 – Silicone-free Polymer Defoamer for Solvent-borne, Solvent-free and Radiation-curable Systems

BYK-1795 is a silicone-free polymer defoamer for solvent-borne, solvent-free and UV-curable systems. Its spontaneous defoaming action and excellent compatibility mean that BYK-1795 can be used in a variety of applications. BYK-1795 has particularly outstanding defoaming properties in polyurethane and epoxy-based floor coatings, in solvent-borne coil coatings (e.g., PVDF or polyester/melamine), as well as solvent-borne general industrial coatings and UV-curable systems.

29.01.2019 - BYKETOL-WA

BYKETOL-WA – The APEO-free version of BYKETOL-WS

As European regulations on the use of chemical substances will subject the use of one of the active ingredients (APEO) of BYKETOL-WS to authorization in the near future, BYK has decided to design an APEO-free alternative. As to performance, the new BYKETOL-WA is almost identical and can be applied without restrictions.

22.01.2019 - BYK-3450 and BYK-3451

BYK-3450 and BYK-3451 – Silicone Surfactants for Aqueous Systems with a Significant Reduction in Surface Tension and Improved Wetting on Highly Non-Polar Substrates, without Increasing Surface Slip

With BYK-3450 and BYK-3451, BYK has developed two new additives based on trisiloxanes, which achieve very good wetting on even the most difficult substrates as well as great spreading capabilities. When compared to conventional silicone surfactants, both additives show less foam stabilization, resulting in an improved processing and application.