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Rheology Additives: Increasing film thickness - Waterborne systems - Synthetic phyllosilicates

Synthetic phyllosilicates are crystallized from salt solutions under controlled conditions in a special process. They are ultrapure and the crystal structure is highly uniform. These very efficient products are used as sol premixtures/pregels and are characterized by colorlessness, high transparency, easy incorporation and considerable shear thinning. Apart from adjusting the rheological profile, they can also be used to increase the barrier properties and influence the conductivity.

BYK Additive Recommendations

RecommendationLAPONITE-SL 25

Ready-for-use concentrated aqueous dispersion of layered silicate rheological additive for water-borne systems.
Used in highly filled surface coatings. Synergistic benefits when used in combinations with polymer based co-thickeners.
Forms low viscosity pre-mixes in water, which thicken on addition to formulations.