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Wax Additives: Water repellency

Water Repellency
Water Repellency

Non-polar wax additives, e.g. paraffin waxes, have a hydrophobic effect on the surface. This causes water to be repelled.

BYK Additive Recommendations

Aqueous systems

RecommendationAQUACER 497

Paraffin-based wax emulsion for aqueous coatings, printing inks as well as care products and polishes for improving water repellency and surface slip.


Paraffin wax emulsion for improved surface characteristics in aqueous coatings and printing inks.

Non-aqueous systems

RecommendationCERAFAK 117

Wax dispersion to improve the water repellency of solvent-borne coating systems


Dispersion of a Fischer Tropsch wax for solvent-borne coil coatings and architectural coatings to improve surface characteristics.