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Video on the Manufacturing and Application of Multi Color Paints (MCP)

If you wish to take a look at the videos please find them in BYKinside, menu item Video.

Multi Color Paints (MCP) are increasingly popular, but their manufacturing and application is quite a complex process. Of course, BYK is offering additives that facilitate the production of this sort of material. But as the desired outcome does not exclusively depend on choosing the right components but also on the correct way of manufacture, we support our customers now with an additional video that tutors applicants producing MCPs. This is an excellent example of how BYK simultaneously markets high quality additives and expertise.

The video explains the preparation of the protective colloid dispersion, the tinting of the base paint, and the manufacturing of the Multi Color Paint through to its final application.

There is a full length version available and a short one showing only the MCP application. If you wish to take a look at them please find them in BYKinside, menu item Video.

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