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“Ask the Expert” and Starting Point Formulations Updates

If our customers look for expert advice via our website they have two options: they can file a contact form and ask their question which will then be answered individually by one of BYK´s technical experts or they can search for a matching request and reply in the “Application Fields” section.  To make this easier and more comfortable the set up and the functionality of the page have been reworked. A fresh and modern design based on icons guides users to the topic of interest where they find quite common application issues and their recommended solutions.

Right next to the “Application Fields” is the menu item “Ask a Question” with the above mentioned contact form and a link to several starting point formulations which have only recently been enriched with some extra wood coating formulations.

Extended Lubricants and Foundry Industry Information in Additive Guide

This is another supplement made to the BYK internet Additive Guide: Information around the Lubricants and Foundry Industry is enlarged by one additional topic – Refractory. BENTOLITE products stand out for their very low ferrous content, and are thus perfectly suitable as part of the formulation – for example in ramming mixes. Please find the related data sheets by clicking on the product name.

New Brochures

The technical information L-TI 1 dealing with “Additives for Pigment Concentrates” was completely revised last year and is now available in English. Other language versions are following soon.

Additionally, there is a new piece of technical literature for Metalworking Fluids in English and German - “Additives for Lubricants” with the code MF-TI2. It provides detailed information on the usage of defoamers and wetting and dispersing respectively rheology additives in this area of application.

Shows and Seminars

Please find all shows and seminars in July and August 2018 listed below…

July 15-17 29 Annual Compound ConferenceCharleston, SC, USA

more Shows & Events

July 2-5 For Chinese customers: Additives for PaintsChinese/English languageWesel, Germany
July 9-12 For South-East Asian customers: AdditivesEnglish languageWesel, Germany