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BYK to invest $50 million to expand the Gonzales, Texas production site

Mid November BYK officially announced its plans to expand its production facility in Gonzales, Texas. The investment totals to approximately USD 50 million and aims to increase the company's capabilities and capacities for key products in the rheology additive portfolio, specifically the GARAMITE product line, ensuring that it is well placed to achieve future growth and meet customer requirements. In addition to the expansion of production capabilities and several infrastructure upgrade measures, BYK intends to develop a new R&D Center to house the global competence center for natural rheology.

In total, BYK has six production sites in the USA. Around 150 employees work in Gonzales, Texas at the BYK site.

Changes in Business Line Management Plastics Additives Japan

Effective Jan 1st, 2018 Mr. Jiro Tsukamoto will take over the position as Regional Business Line Manager Plastics Additives Japan. Currently he is the Market Manager for Thermoplastics and PVC / Leather Additives in Japan. He has joined BYK Japan in October 2015 and contributed significantly to the success of BYK Additives in these markets. In his new role, he will report functionally to the Global Business Line Manager Plastics Additives, Mr. Thorsten Kröller.

At the same time Mr. Kazuya Iwamoto will take over the responsibility for new business developments as Head of New Business Development BYK Japan. He has joined BYK Japan in January 2014 and successfully run the Plastics Additives business since then. He will further on report to the President of BYK Japan, Mr. Masaru Fukuda.

Reorganization of Customer Service Department

Effective January 2018, the Customer Service Department in Wesel reorganizes its set up of responsibilities. Please find the updated chart with all colleagues in charge in BYKinside, menu item “Contacts”. Due to the seasonal closures the upload will be made in early January.