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Additives for Floor Coatings

Once reserved for warehouses, multi-storey car parks and production sites, the use of liquid polymer coatings is gaining popularity in many commercial spaces, shopping centers and hospitals. Regulatory oversight has increased significantly at the same time. For this reason, the use of water-based and solvent-free systems is even more important. BYK additives for floor coatings simplify system handling and make it possible to obtain more reproducible results.

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Learn more about BYK

BYK is BYK's long-standing number-one brand for a wide range of additives. This brand combines a broad portfolio of defoamers and air release agents, surface additives, adhesion promoter and coupling agents as well as some wetting and dispersing additives to provide the best properties for coatings, printing inks, plastic materials and various other applications. BYK additives can be used in a broad range of applications and systems.
Key benefits
  • Wide range of product groups
  • Wide range of applications

Learn more about BYK-DYNWET

BYK-DYNWET is one of BYK's brand for surface additives. During the application of liquid coatings on surfaces a multitude of surface defects can occur. The cause for this is, among others, significantly differing surface tensions. If, for example, the surface tension of the coating is higher than that of the substrate, this manifests itself in poor wetting (high contact angle) and, with that poor adhesion and cratering. Also after the application and while the coating is drying, local surface tension differences can cause unfavorable leveling and the floating of pigments. BYK-DYNWET additives are silicone-free and are especially used to reduce dynamic surface tension in e.g. aqueous coatings and printing inks.
Key benefits
  • Surface additive
  • Reduced dynamic surface tension
  • Silicone-free
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