Appearance Measurement

Portable gloss meters for any task - single angle units for specific applications or three angle instruments for multiple applications. The micro-gloss ease-of-use and intelligent auto diagnosis ensures always reliable and long-term stable results.

How to measure gloss?
High quality surfaces are expected to have a clear and brilliant appearance. The BYK-Gardner haze-gloss is the laboratory reference instrument for gloss and haze measurement.

How to measure haze?
Total Appearance Measurement: The BYK-Gardner orange peel meters are the global standard to objectively measure orange peel and distinctness of image. The wave-scan family offers solutions for various applications - portable units as well as robotic sensors for automated process control.

How to measure orange peel?
Mottling is an undesired effect which is most obvious on light metallic finishes. These irregular lightness variations can now be objectively measured with the cloud-runner. Small design, ease-of-use and fast data collection make the mottling meter the ideal tool for batch approval and process control.

How to measure mottling?
Appearance of transparent products is dependent on their scattering properties. The BYK-Gardner haze meter is widely used for appearance measurement of transparent materials such as films, plaques, plastic products, lenses or windshields. The haze-gard i measures according to ASTM and ISO supporting illuminants C and A as well as D65. All results are displayed simultaneously.