BYK Additives & Instruments

17 in. Flat Screen Monitor17 in. Monitor
1/23 CAP 2000+ L, 115V1/23 CAP 2000+ L, 230V
1/23 CAP 1000+ L, 230V1/23 CAP 1000+ L, 115V
20° Punch, PF-1120/5545-5547
4-Sided Bar 80, 30-120 µm4-Sided Bar 60, 50-200 µm
4-Sided Bar 80, 50-200 µm4-Sided Bar 60, 30-120 µm
Applicator Frame 2x35, 50-200 µmAnvil, PF-5546
Anvil, PF-1125Anti-Sag Meter 3-12 mils
Anti-Sag Meter 4-24 milsApplicator Frame 60, 30-120 µm
Applicator Frame 70, 50-200 µmAnti-Sag Meter 14-60 mils
APS 250APS 125
APS 1000Applicator Frame 80, 30-120 µm
Air Probe C, 3mAir Filter Pad for LCS III
Advanced NS3Advanced NRS3 Right angle
Advanced NKS3Air Probe C, 1.5m
APS 30Air Probe D, 8m
Air Probe D, 3mAir Probe D, 1.5m
Air Probe C, 8mAnti-Sag Meter 1-6 mils
Arm SupportASTM D2486 Brush
ASC-T 2auto-match III 45/0, 115 V
auto-match III 45/0, 230 VAutomatic Film Applicator S
Automatic Film Applicator LAutomatic Cupping Tester
auto-match RCS SoftwareASC-T 1
ASC-T 05Arm
APS 7000APS 5000
APS 50Advanced NAS3
ASC-E 1APS 3000
APS 500Accessory Kit, ASTM D 4213
Accessory Kit, ASTM D 3450Accessory Kit, ASTM D 2486
Accessory Kit 50 mmAccessory Kit, ASTM D 4828
Accessory Kit, DIN 53778Adapter Fixture Device*
Accessory Kit, ISO 11998Abrasion Tester, ISO, 220V
Abrasion Tester, ISO, 115VAbrasion Tester, ASTM D3450, 115V
Abrasion Tester, ASTM D2486, 220VAbrasion Tester, ASTM D2486, 115V
Advanced N90S3Abrasion Tester, ASTM D3450, 220V
Abrasion Tester, ASTM D4213, 115VAbrasion Tester, DIN, 220V
Abrasion Tester, ASTM D4828, 220VAbrasion Tester, ASTM D4828, 115V
Abrasion Tester, ASTM D4213, 220VAdapters for SS Jar Mill
Abrasion Tester, DIN, 115VAdvanced FNTS3
Advanced FRS3 Right angleAdvanced FNRS3 Right angle
Advanced FN3Advanced FKS3
Advanced FT3Advanced FTS3
Advanced N45S3Adavanced FNS3
Advanced N3Advanced N0S3
Advanced F90S3Advanced FS3
addista® - color standardsAdded Weight 2lbs, PF-5520/5522
Advanced F45S3Added Weight 1kg, PF-5532
Adhesive Tape for ASTMAdhesive Kit
Advanced F0S3Advanced F3
Adhesive Tape for foil probeAdhesive Tape for DIN/ISO
byko-chart Spreading Rate Lbyko-chart Spreading Rate S
byko-chart Sag and Leveling 7Bbyko-chart plain white WK
byko-chart SR-Checkerboard 10Hbyko-chart plain white WH
byko-chart plain white WGbyko-chart, uncoated N2C
byko-chart, uncoated N9Abyko-chart plain white WB
byko-chart, uncoated Sbyko-chart, uncoated N2A
byko-cut no cutters, Englishbyko-chart, uncoated L
byko-chart, uncoated Mbyko-chart SR-Display 8H
byko-chart Opacity-Display 9Bbyko-chart Opacity-Display 9A
byko-chart PE film, 100 µm (4 mil)byko-chart PE film, 50 µm (2 mil)
byko-chart Opacity-Display 21Bbyko-chart Opacity-Display 12H
byko-chart Opacity Sbyko-cut no cutters, Metric
byko-chart PE Film, 76 µm (3 mil)byko-chart Penopac 18A
byko-chart plain black BKbyko-chart plain white NWK
byko-chart Penopac 1Bbyko-chart Penopac 1A
byko-chart Penopac 18Bbyko-chart Penopac 19BR
byko-chart plain white WAbyko-test 8500 P Fe
byko-test 8500 B NFebyko-test 8500 B, no sensor
byko-test 8500 P Fe/NFebyko-test 8500 B Fe/NFe
byko-test 8500 B Febyko-test 4500 Fe/NFe
byko-test 4500 Fe/NFe EC, probe 3639byko-test 8500 P NFe
byko-test 8500 P, no sensorBYKWARE smart-lab haze
byko-chart Opacity LBYKWARE smart-lab
BYKWARE easy-linkbyko-test 8500 Software
BYKWARE auto-QC litebyko-test 4200 Fe EC, probe 3638
byko-test 4200 Febyko-spectra 230V
byko-spectra basic, CWF, 115Vbyko-spectra 115V
byko-drive Vbyko-cut thickness, Metric
byko-drive Gbyko-spectra basic, CWF, 230V
byko-spectra basic,TL84, 115Vbyko-spectra mini TL84, 115V
byko-spectra mini TL84, 230Vbyko-spectra mini CWF, 230V
byko-spectra mini CWF, 115Vbyko-spectra basic,TL84, 230V
byko-spectra effectbyko-cut thickness, English
BYK-mac i 23 mmBlack Standard for spectro-guide
Black Standard, BYK-mac iBlack Standard, color-guide
Black Scrub Panel P121-10NBlack Glass Panel
Battery Pack, BYK-macBi-metal Thermometer
Blank discBottom plate black / white
BSI Density CupBSI Density Cup w/tare weight
Brush Holder and Mat, DINBrush Holder & Mat, ASTM
Brass Shims ASTM D2486Brush
Battery Pack, AW-4840/4846Battery Pack
Ball Punch 0.1″, PF-1120/5545-5547Ball Punch 0.2″, PF-1120/5545-5547
Ball Punch 0.3″, PF-1120/5545-5547Ball Point 1/8 in
Ball Point 1/16 inbyko-chart Opacity 5C
Balanced Beam Scratch TesterBall Punch 0.5″, PF-1120/5545-5547
Ball Punch 0.5″, PF-1120/5545-5547Base, PF-5546
Battery PackBase Plate
Base Assembly, PF-1120Ball Punch 0.6″, PF-1120
Bar Holder, PM-2710/2711Bubble Viscometer A-T
Battery Pack micro-wave-scanbyko-chart brightened 2A
byko-chart Brushout 2DXbyko-chart Brushout WDX
BYK-mac i Sensor 23 mmBYK-mac i Sensor 12 mm
BYK-mac i COLOR SensorBYK-mac i ROBOTIC
byko-chart Chromolux Lbyko-chart Chromolux M
Bubble Viscometer A5-A1byko-chart Opacity 3B
byko-chart Opacity 2Cbyko-chart Opacity 2A
byko-chart Chromolux Sbyko-chart Display 8B
BYK-mac i COLORbyko-chart Brushout 5DX
Buchholz Tester w/microscopeButterfly Stirrer 1000 ml
Butterfly Stirrer 125 mlBuchholz Tester
Buchholz Slip-on Weight, byko-cutBubble Viscometer U-Z6
Bubble Viscometer Z7-Z10Butterfly Stirrer 2000 ml
Buchholz Tool, byko-cutButterfly Stirrer 5000 ml
BYK-mac i 12 mmButterfly Stirrer 3000 ml
Butterfly Stirrer 500 mlButterfly Stirrer 250 ml
color-guide 45/0Comb Gage 1-80 mils
Comb Gage 25-2000 µmcolor-guide 45/0
Cleaning Set, BYK-macComb Gage 5-150 µm
Clarity Reference Standard, for 4775cloud-runner
Clarity Calibration Standard, for 4775Container with Carrying Shackle or Handles
Container with Carrying Shackle or HandlesChecking Tile, AW-4850
Container with Carrying Shackle or HandlesConical Mandrel Tester
Conductivity tube cell, LC 2Conductivity Meter LC 2
Conductivity plate cell, LC 2Comb Gage Set, plastic
Checking Standard Gloss, spectroChecking Standard micro 45°
Checking Standard micro 60°Checking Standard micro 60° S
Checking Standard micro 20°Checking Standard Gloss, spectro S
Checking standard 60°, AG-4601Container with Carrying Shackle or Handles
Checking standard 85°, AG-4601Checking Standard micro 75°
Checking Standard micro 85°Checking Tile AW-4824
Checking Tile wave-scan dualChecking tile wave-scan II
Checking TileChecking Standard TRI
Checking Standard micro-TRI SChecking Standard mirror, TRI
Checking Tile, AW-4822Cylinder Kit
Cross-Cut Tool 6, 1-edge 1 mmCross-Cut Tool 6, 1-edge 2 mm
Cross-Cut Tool 6, 1-edge 3 mmCross-Cut Tool 11, 6-edges 1.5 mm
Cross-Cut Tool 11, 1-edge 1.5 mmCross-Cut Kit 6, 6-edges 1 mm
Cross-Cut Kit 6, 6-edges 2 mmCross-Cut Tool 11, 1-edge 1 mm
Cross-Cut Tool 6, 6-edges 1 mmCross-Cut Tool 6, 6-edges 2 mm
Cylindrical Mandrel Set, ASTMCylindrical Mandrel Set, ISO
Checking standard 20°, AG-4601Cylinder Stylus
Cuvette Table, for 4775Customized Adapter Rings
Customized Nail AttachmentCross-Cut Kit 6, 1-edge 3 mm
Cross-Cut Kit 6, 1-edge 2 mmContainer with Drain Valve
Container with Drain ValveContainer with Drain Valve
Container with Drain ValveContainer with Carrying Shackle or Handles
Container with Carrying Shackle or HandlesContainer with Carrying Shackle or Handles
Container with Drain ValveContainer with Drain Valve
Cross-Cut Kit 11, 6-edges 1.5 mmCross-Cut Kit 6, 1-edge 1 mm
Cross-Cut Kit 6, 1-edge 2 mmCross-Cut Kit 11, 1-edge 1.5 mm
Cross-Cut Kit 11, 1-edge 1 mmCorks
Coverall Bend - Impact TesterContainer with Carrying Shackle or Handles
Container with Drain ValveCAP Spindle No. 5
CAP Spindle No. 6CAP Spindle No. 7
CAP Spindle No. 4CAP Spindle No. 3
CAP Spindle No. 1CAP Spindle No. 10
CAP Spindle No. 2CAP Spindle No. 8
CAP Spindle No. 9Cert. Bubble Viscometer Z7-Z10
Cert. Tube ACert. Tube A1
Cert. Bubble Viscometer U-Z6Cert. Bubble Viscometer A5-A1
CAPCALC 32 SoftwareCert. Bubble Viscometer A-T
CAP 2000+ L, 230VCAP 2000+ L, 115V
Calibration Holder 60°Calibration Holder 75°
Calibration Holder 85°Calibration Holder 45°
Calibration Holder 20°Cert. Tube Z9
Cable Release, PH-5858, 5859Calibration Holder
Calibration Holder TRICalibration Shims 11-980 µm
CAP 1000+ L, 115VCAP 1000+ L, 230V
CAP 2000+ H, 115VCAP 1000+ H, 230V
CAP 1000+ H, 115VCalibration Shims 25-500 µm
Calibration Tool, PF-5546Cert. Tube A2
CAP 2000+ H, 230VCert. Tube W
Cert. Tube XCert. Tube Z
Cert. Tube VCert. Tube U
Cert. Tube RCert. Tube S
Cert. Tube TCert. Tube Z1
Cert. Tube Z10Cert. Tube Z7
Cert. Tube A3Cert. Tube Z8
Cert. Tube Z6Cert. Tube Z5
Cert. Tube Z3Cert. Tube Z4
Cert. Tube QCert. Tube Y
Cert. Tube DCert. Tube F
Cert. Tube GCert. Tube C
Cert. Tube BCert. Tube A4
Cert. Tube A5Cert. Tube P
Cert. Tube HCert. Tube E
Cert. Tube LCert. Tube M
Cert. Tube OCert. Tube K
Cert. Tube NCert. Tube J
Cert. Tube I
Dispermat® SL-M 5Dispermat® SL100-nano
Dispermat® SL12-nanoDispermat® SL200-nano
Dispermat® SL Nano Kit, for SL5/12Dispermat® CN 80
Dispermat® CN 90Dispermat® SL Nano Kit, for SL25
Dispermat® CN100Dispermat® SL25-nano
Dolly Set 10 mmDocking Station, BYK-mac
Dolly Set 20 mmDispermat® CN 70
Dolly Set 14 mmDocking Station, AW-4824
Docking StationDispermat® SL50-nano
Dissolver Shaft DL, TML 1, 5Dissolver Shaft DL, TML 10, 50
Dispermat® SL5-nanoDispermat® VL15-C
Dispermat® VL25-CDispermat® VL25-M
Dispermat® VL45-CDispermat® VL45-M
Dispermat® VL15-MDispermat® VL10-M
Dispermat® VL05-MDolly Set 50 mm
Dispermat® VL10-CDispermat® VL60-C
Dispermat® VL60-MDispermat® AE12-C
Dispermat® AE12-C EXDispermat® AE12-M EX
Dispermat® CN 50Dispermat® AE11-M EX
Dispermat® AE11-C EXDispermat®  CN 40
Dispermat® AE1-CDispermat® AE11-C
Dispermat® CN 60Dual-Sensor 2000/2000
Double-wall, 500 ml receptacleDow Latex Applicator
DPM 300 Digital Pocket MicroscopeDrawndown Plate
Double-wall, 250 ml receptacleDouble-wall, 2000 ml receptacle
Double Wall SS ContainerDouble Wall SS Container
Double Wall SS ContainerDouble-wall, 1000 ml receptacle
Drilling TemplateDrip pan, PA-2121/2122
DUR-O-Test, 0.75 mmDUR-O-Test, 1 mm
Dust Cover, for Analytical Balances with draft shieldDymo Label Printer 450
DUALSCOPE MP0RDual-Sensor 5000/2000
Drying Time Recorder 115VDrying Time Recorder 230V
Dispermat® VL05-CDouble Wall SS Container
Double Wall SS ContainerDouble Bar 4″ - 6&10 mils
Double Bar 5″ - 2&4 milsDouble Bar 5″ - 6&10 mils
Double Bar 6″ - 2&4 milsDouble Bar 4″ - 2&4 mils
Double Bar 3″ - 6&10 milsDouble Bar 2″ - 2&4 mils
Double Bar 2″ - 6&10 milsDouble Bar 3″ - 2&4 mils
Double Bar 6″ - 6&10 milsDouble Wall SS Container
Double Wall SS ContainerDouble Wall SS Container
Double Wall SS ContainerDouble Wall SS Container
Double Wall SS ContainerDouble Wall SS Container
Double Wall SS ContainerDouble Wall SS Container
Double Wall SS ContainerDouble Bar 12 mm, 38 & 76 µm
Docking Station, AW-4840/4846Dispermat LC220-6, 400V, w/safety dev.
Dispermat LC30, 115V, w/cont. clampDispermat LC30, 220V, w/cont. clamp
Dispermat LC300, 400V, w/safety dev.Dispermat LC220-12, 400V, w/safety dev.
Dispermat LC110-6, 220V, w/safety dev.Dispermat CV4, 115V
Dispermat CV4, 220VDispermat LC110-12, 220V, w/safety dev.
Dispermat LC400, 400V, w/safety dev.Dispermat LC55, 115V, w/ safety dev.
Dispermat® AE1-C EXDispermat® AE1-M EX
Dispermat® AE10-CDispermat® AE10-C EX
Dispermat LC75, 220V, w/safety dev.Dispermat LC75, 220V, w/cont. clamp
Dispermat LC55, 115V, w/cont. clampDispermat LC55, 220V, w/cont. clamp
Dispermat LC55, 220V, w/safety dev.Dispermat CV3 plus, 220V
Dispermat CV3 plus, 220VData Cable USB/USB-A
Data Cable, RS232C/USBDaylight Tube, byko-spectra effect
Die 0.3″, PF-1120/5545-5547D-Plastic Cuvette, plastic cover
D-Plastic Cuvette, openDispermat® VL03-M
D-Glass Cuvette 11, screw topD-Glass Cuvette, 11 mm, open
Die 0.5″, PF-1120/5545-5547Die 0.6 in, PF-1120/5545-5547
DIN Flow Cup 2 - 8 mmDIN Flow Cup 4mm
Dispermat CV3 plus, 115VDispermat CV3 plus, 115V
DIN Dip Cup 4mm, PolyamideDIN Brush
Die 1″, PF-1120/5545-5547Die, PF-5532
Digital Temperature IndicatorDispermat® AE10-M EX
DIN Dip Cup 4mm, AluDispermat® SL-C 12
Dispermat® SL-C 200Dispermat® SL-C 25
Dispermat® SL-C 5Dispermat® VL03-C
Dispermat® CN 30Dispermat® AE9-M EX
Dispermat® CN 10Dispermat® CN 20
Dispermat® SL-C 50Dispermat® SL-M 100
Dispermat® VL01-MDispermat® VL02-C
Dispermat® VL02-MDispermat® AE2-C
Dispermat® VL01-CDispermat® SL-M 50
Dispermat® SL-M 12Dispermat® SL-M 200
Dispermat® SL-M 25Dispermat® AE9-C EX
Dispermat® SL-C 100Dispermat® AE4-C EX
Dispermat® AE4-M EXDispermat® AE5-C
Dispermat® AE5-C EXDispermat® AE9-C
Dispermat® AE3-M EXDispermat® AE2-C EX
Dispermat® AE2-M EXDispermat® AE3-C
Dispermat® AE3-C EXDispermat® AE5-M EX
Dispermat® AE4-CDispermat® AE8-C EX
Dispermat® AE6-CDispermat® AE8-M EX
Dispermat® AE7-M EXDispermat® AE8-C
Dispermat® AE6-M EXDispermat® AE7-C
Dispermat® AE6-C EXDispermat® AE7-C EX
EZ Zahn Cup No.2EZ Zahn Cup No.1
Extension 5mEZ Zahn Cup No.2
Extension 3mEZ Zahn Cup No.1
EZ Zahn Cup No.5EZ Zahn Cup No.5
esp-10 Impact ToolEZ Zahn Cup No.4
EZ Zahn Cup No.4EZ Zahn Cup No.3
EZ Zahn Cup No.3Entris 224-1S
Empty Tubes Grade NEmpty Tubes Grade B
Empty Tube Set (144)esp-10
Entris 124-1SEmpty Tubes Grade A
Entris 623-1SEntris 8201-1S
Entris 6202-1SEntris 323-1S
Entris 2202-1S
Filter Wheel, even numbersFixing Device for PT-100 Probe
Filter Wheel, odd numbersFN, Built-in
Film Casting Knife, 5 cmFNRS, Right angle
FKS, SeparateFixing Device*
Film Casting Knife 6″FNS, Separate
Film Casting Knife 4″Film Casting Knife 2″
Film Casting Knife 8″Film Casting Knife, 10 cm
Film Casting Knife, 20 cmFilm Casting Knife, 15 cm
Film Casting Knife, 30 cmFord Viscosity Cup No. 2
FOS,0, micro-probeFord Viscosity Cup No. 4
Ford Viscosity Cup No. 4FRS, Right angle
FS, SeparateFTS, Separate
FT, Built-inFilm Casting Knife 12″
Ford Viscosity Cup No. 3Foil Probe
Foam discFord Cup Accessory Kit
Ford Stand with WaterbathFord Viscosity Cup No. 3
Ford Viscosity Cup No. 2FNTS, Separate
Falling Weight 1 kg, PF-1120/5545Falling Weight 12 lbs, PF-5546
Falling Weight 100 g, PF-1120/5545Falling Weight 10 lbs, PF-5546
Falling Weight 16 lbs, PF-5546Falling Weight 1kg, PF-5512
Falling Weight 2 lbs, 0.5″, PF-5512Falling Weight 2 kg, PF-1120/5545
Falling Weight 1 lbs, PF-5546Falling Weight 0.5 lbs, PF-5547
F, Built-inFe-sensor 5000 µm
F45S, 45, micro-probeF90S, 90, micro-probe
Falling Weight 0.5 lbs, PF-1120/5545Falling Weight 0.5 lbs, PF-1115
Falling Weight 2 lbs, 0.6″, PF-5512Falling Weight 1 lbs, PF-1120/5545
Falling Weight 6 lbs, PF-5546Falling Weight 500 g, PF-1120/5545
Falling Weight 8 lbs, PF-1120/5545Falling Weight 8 lbs, PF-5546
Fe-sensor 2000 µmFalling Weight 2 lbs, PF-1115
Falling Weight 4 lbs, PF-5546Falling Weight 6 lbs, PF-1120/5545
Falling Weight 2 lbs, PF-1120/5545Falling Weight 3 lbs, PF-5546
Falling Weight 2 lbs, PF-5546Falling Weight 4 lbs, PF-1115
Falling Weight 300 g, PF-1120/5545Falling Weight 4 lbs, PF-1125
Falling Weight 4 lbs, PF-1120/5545
Grind Gage No. 5252Grind Gage No. 5251
Grind Gage No. 5254Grind Gage No. 54
Grind Gage No. 45Grind Gage No. 6251 - G1
Grind Gage No. 25Grind Gage No. 51
Grind Gage No. 52Grindometer 25
Grindometer 15Grindometer 50
Glass Slide Set, PM-2710/2711Grindometer 100
Grind Gage No. PD-250Grind Gage No. 6254 - G3
Grind Gage No. 65Grind Gage No. PB-20
Grind Gage No. 6252 - G2Glass Cover
Gardner Liquid Standard L 115Gardner Liquid Standard L 230
Gardner Liquid StandardsGardner Comparator L, 230V
Gardner ComparatorGlass Plate, PV-0410/0411
Gage Body, AdvancedGage Body, Standard
Gardner-scrub, ASTM D2486Gardner Comparator L, 115V
Glass PlateGardner-scrub, base
Glass plate + clamp, PA-2122Glass Cover
Glass CoverGasket
Gardner-scrub, ISO 11998Gasket
Heavy-Duty Propeller BladeHeavy-Duty Propeller Blade
Heavy-Duty Propeller BladeHeavy-Duty Propeller Blade
Heavy-Duty Propeller BladeHeavy-Duty Dispersion Impeller
Heavy-Duty Stand for Flow CupsHeavy-Duty Dispersion Impeller
Heavy-Duty Dispersion ImpellerHeavy-Duty Impact Tester Engl
Heavy-Duty Propeller BladeHolding rack with illumination
Holder for Inmont GageHolding clamp/Burette Assembly
Holding rack without illuminationHeavy-Duty Dispersion Impeller
Holder for 5 TubesHoffman Scratch Tester
Helipath Stand, 230VHigh Gloss Standard
High Gloss Standard haze-glossHinge Plate, PF-1125
Helipath Stand, 115VHeavy-Duty Impact Tester Metric
Haze Standard 20, for 4775Haze Standard 30, for 4775
Haze Standard 5, for 4775Haze Standard haze-gloss
Haze Standard 10, for 4775Haze Standard 1, for 4775
Halogen Lamp, LCM/LCS III - IVHard Metal Needle 0.75 mm
Haze Standard Set, for 4775Hard Metal Needle 1 mm
Heavy-Duty Dispersion ImpellerHeavy-Duty Dispersion Impeller
Heavy-Duty Dispersion Impellerhaze-gard i
Heavy-Duty Dispersion ImpellerHeavy-Duty Dispersion Impeller
Heavy-Duty Dispersion Impellerhaze-gloss
HBDV-E, 115VHBDV-E, 220V
Heat Sink
Interchangeable Orifice 2mmInter-leaf Paper 1P-1C
Interchangeable Orifice 3mmInter-leaf Paper 1P-1K
Interchangeable Orifice 6mmInterchangeable Orifice 8mm
Inter-leaf Paper 1P-1BInterchangeable Orifice 4mm
Inmont Gage S, 0-20 µmInmont Gage S, 0-4 mils
Inmont Gage S, 0-2 milsIR Probe H, 3m
Inmont Gage S, 0-40 µmInmont Gage S, 10-30 mils
Inmont Gage S, 50-250 µmInmont Gage S, 2-12 mils
Inter-leaf Paper 1P-1AISO Impact Tester
Inmont Gage S, 0-100 µmISO Flow Cup 6 mm
ISO Flow Cup 5 mmISO Pad
ISO Panel Set, byko-spectraISO Panel Set, byko-spectra mini
ISO Panel Set, byko-spectra basicISO Flow Cup 4 mm
ISO Flow Cup 3 mmISO Cup L, Certified
ISO Cup LISO Arm Adapter
ISO Cup SISO Cup S, Certified
ISO Dip Cup 5mm, AluISO Dip Cup 4mm, Alu
IR Probe I, 3mInmont Gage S, 200-700 µm
Impeller, 60mm øImpeller, 175 mm ø *
Impeller, 150 mm ø *Impeller, 70 mm ø
Impeller, 80 mm øImpeller, 90 mm ø
Impeller, 80 mm øImpeller, 150 mm ø
Impeller, 125 mm ø *Illuminator 230 V
Illuminator 115 VInmont Gage S, 0-1 mils
Impeller, 100 mm øImpeller, 100 mm ø
Impeller, 125 mm øImpeller, 100 mm ø *
Impeller, 90 mm øIncandescent Lamp
Inmont Gage R, 0-40 µmInmont Gage R, 0-4 mils
Inmont Gage R, 0-20 µmInmont Gage R, 10-30 mils
Inmont Gage R, 2-12 milsInmont Gage R, 50-250 µm
Inmont Gage R, 200-700 µmInmont Gage R, 0-100 µm
Inmont Gage R, 0-2 milsInmont Gage L, 0-1 mil
Infrared printer, PT-1170Indenter, PF-5405
Inmont Gage L, 0-20 µmInmont Gage L, 0-2 mil
Inmont Gage R, 0-1 milsInmont Gage L, 0-40 µm
KU-2 with air purge, 230VKU-2, 115V
KU-2, 230VKU-2 with air purge, 115V
König PendulumKU-2 Paste Spindle
KU-2 Spindle
Liquid Color Standar No.17Liquid Color Standar No.16
Liquid Color Standar No.18Liquid Color Standar No.3
Liquid Color Standar No.4Liquid Color Standar No.15
Liquid Color Standar No.2Liquid Color Standar No.14
Liquid Color Standar No.1Lipstick Kit
Liquid Color Standar No.10Liquid Color Standar No.11
Liquid Color Standar No.13Liquid Color Standar No.12
Liquid Color Standar No.5Liquid Color Standar No.7
LV Spindles No.4LV Spindles No.3
LV Spindles Set 1-4LVDV-E, 115V
Lilly FrameLVDV-E, 220V
LV Spindles No.2LV Spindles No.1
Liquid Color Standar No.9Liquid Color Standar No.8
Liquid Metering SystemLong Push Arm, pair, Adjustable gap
LV Quick Connect Kit w/RackLoop Stylus
Liquid Color Standar No.6Label 0 - 200 kg-cm
Large Die 0.5 in, PF-5512Lamp Kit, byko-spectra
Large Die 0.6″, PF-5512Large Rider
Lamp Kit TL84, CV-6053/6054Lamp Kit TL84, 115V, CV-6042
Label 0 - 100 kg-cmLight-Weight Propeller Blade
Lamp Kit CWF, 115V, CV-6040Lamp Kit CWF, 230V, CV-6041
Lamp Kit CWF, CV-6051/6052Lead Holder, PH-9500
Lamp Kit TL84, 230V, CV-6043Light-Weight Dispersion Impeller
Light-Weight Dispersion ImpellerLight-Weight Dispersion Impeller
Light-Weight Propeller BladeLight-Weight Propeller Blade
Leveling/Sagging TesterLight-Weight Dispersion Impeller
Light-Weight Dispersion ImpellerLight Protection Cover for 7036
Lift Screw, PF-1120Li-Ion Battery , LCM III
Light Protection Cover, BYK-macLight-Weight Dispersion Impeller
Light-Duty Impact Tester
Milling Impeller EMS T45*Milling Impeller EMS T75*
Milling Impeller EMS T60*Milling Impeller EMS T30*
Milling Impeller DMS 80Milling Impeller EMS T90
Milling Impeller DMS 70Milling Impeller DMS 60
Milling Impeller EMS T20*Modification Kit ASTM D4828
Modification Kit DINModification Kit ISO
Milling Impeller DMS 45Modification Kit ASTM D4213
Modification Kit ASTM D3450Mirror Gloss Standard
Mirror Gloss Standard, AG-4601Modification Kit ASTM D2486
MINI Pearl Mill Headmicro-gloss 45°
Milling Impeller DMS 32micro-gloss 60°
micro-gloss 60° SMICRO Pearl Mill Head
Mechanical Cupping TesterMagnifier
Magnifier, PF-5405MC25 Pearl Mill Head
micro-gloss 75°micro-gloss 20°
Milling Impeller DMS 100Milling Impeller DMS 150
micro-gloss 85°micro-wave-scan
Milling Impeller DMS 28micro-TRI-gloss S
micro-TRI-glossmicro-TRI-gloss µ
NKS, SeparateNFe-sensor 2000 µm
NOS, 0, micro-probeNYPC Leveling Test Blade
New ArticleNS, Separate
NRS, Right angleNeedle Stylus
N90S, 90, micro-probeN, Built-in
Nail KitN45S, 45, micro-probe
Needle Set, PM-2710/2711Needle Set 2 mm, PM-2710/2711
NAS, Separate
Object Probe A, 8mObject Probe B, 1.5m
Object Probe A, 3mO-ring Set (10 pcs), PA-2121/2122
Object Probe B, 3mObject Probe A, 1.5m
Open Probe F, 3mOpen Probe F, 8m
O-ring Kit for SL5-nanoOnline Cable, BYK-mac
Object Probe, GObject Probe B, 8m
Open Probe F, 1.5mO-Ring Kit for SL-25
O-Ring Kit for SL-12O-Ring Kit for SL-12
O-ring Kit for SL5-nanoO-Ring Kit for SL-5
O-Ring Kit for SL-25O-Ring Kit for SL-5
O-ring Kit for SL25-nanoO-ring Kit for SL12-nano
O-ring Kit for SL25-nanoO-ring Kit for SL12-nano
Precision Plastic Shim 350 µmPrecision Plastic Shim 48 µm
Precision Plastic Shim 485 µmPrecision Plastic Shim 35.5 µm
Precision Plastic Shim 5.0 milsPrecision Plastic Shim 5.5 µm
Precision Plastic Shim 100 µmPrecision Plastic Shim 6.0 mils
Precision Plastic Shim 10.0 milsPrecision Plastic Shim 11 µm
Precision Plastic Shim 2.0 milsPrecision Plastic Shim 200 µm
Precision Plastic Shim 20.0 milsPrecision Plastic Shim 22.5 µm
Protection Pipe for DL Shaft TML 10, 50Pumping and Mixing System, 1L
PT-100 Temperature ProbePumping and Mixing System, 3L
Pumping and Mixing System, 5LPrecision Plastic Shim 1.0 mils
PT-100 EX Temperature ProbeProtective Stand
Printer Paper, for Printer 1607Printer Paper
Protectice Cap, BYK-mac 12 mmProtection Pipe for DL Shaft TML 1, 5
Protective Cap, BYK-mac 23 mmPrinter
Precision Plastic Shim 0.5 milsPendulum Hardness Tester Persoz
Pendulum Hardness Tester KönigPentium computer w/keyboard
Permeability Cup SPersoz Pendulum
Pencil set (20 pcs), PH-5800Pencil Hardness Tester Set
P-Glass Cuvette, 10 x 50P-Glass Cuvette, 10 x 10
P-Glass Cuvette, 11 mmPad Holder
PC-Datex Software with USB CablePfund Cryptometer
Permeability Cup LPhenolic Standard 40.0 mils
PosiTest ATA-20Power supply, PA-2121/2122
Precision MicroscopePrecision Plastic Shim 0.2 mils
PosiTest ATPower Supply, LCM/LCS III
PosiTector DPM StandardPlastic disc, cylindrical groove
Platform, PF-5546PosiSoft, PT-1170
PosiSoft Software
Quintix 5101-1SQuintix 5100-1S
Quintix 313-1SQuintix 5102-1S
Quickee Ball Mill AssemblyQuintix 3102-1S
Quintix 612-1SQuintix 513-1S
Quick Coupler*Quinitix 224-1S
Quintix 213-1SQuintix 1102-1S
Quick Coupler*Quintix 2102-1S
Quintix 124-1S
RV Quick Connect Kit w/RackRV/HA/HB Spindle No.1
RV/HA/HB Spindle No.2Rubber Pad
Replacement Scraper ISORV/HA/HB Spindle No.3
Ring Stand for Flow CupsRubber Stopper,#6453
RV/HA/HB Spindle No.7RVDV-E, 220V
Replacement Scraper 95 mmRVDV-E, 115V
RV/HA/HB Spindle Set of 6RV/HA/HB Spindle No.5
RV/HA/HB Spindle No.6RV/HA/HB Spindle No.4
Replacement Leads, Grade 2H, PH-9500Replacement Leads, Grade 3H, PH-9500
Replacement Leads, Grade 4B, PH-9500Replacement Leads, Grade 2B, PH-9500
Rack 7, rectangleReplacement Leads, Grade HB, PH-9500
Rack 16, cylindrical - squareReplacement Leads, Grade 4H, PH-9500
Replacement Leads, Grade 3B, PH-9500Replacement Leads, Grade B, PH-9500
Replacement Leads, Grade 5B, PH-9500Replacement Leads, Grade F, PH-9500
Replacement Leads, Grade 6H, PH-9500Replacement Leads, Grade H, PH-9500
Replacement Leads, Grade 5H, PH-9500Replacement Leads, Grade 6B, PH-9500
Square Frame 3″, 1-8 milsSquare Frame 3″, 0.5-6 mils
Square Frame 2″, 5-50 milsSpray Monitors M33-BW
Square Frame 3″, 5-50 milsSpray Monitors M12-BW
Square Frame 2″, 0.5-6 milsSquare Frame 2″, 1-8 mils
SS Jar MillSponges ASTM D4828
SS Split CoverSS Split Cover
SS Jar MillSR 04
Square Frame 4″, 1-8 milsSquare Frame 4″, 5-50 mils
SR 03Square Frame 4″, 0.5-6 mils
Spit, PE-5780spectro-guide 45/0 gloss
spectro-guide 45/0 gloss Sspectro-guide sphere gloss
Special Open Probe (0.3 mm)Special Mirror Standard
Solid 1.25" Diameter;, PF-1120/5545-5547Space holder for PW-1712
Special Gloss Standardspectro-guide sphere gloss S
SPI Heavy-Duty Impact TesterSponge, B (pack of 6)
Sponge, Polyurethane (pack of 6)Sponges ASTM D3450
Sponge Holder, 450gSponge Holder, 1000g
Spindle Quick ConnectSpirit Level, PV-0410/0411
SS Split CoverSponges ASTM D4213
Stainless steel containerStandard NAS1
Standard NKS1Standard NRS1
Standard N90S1Standard N45S1
Standard FTS1Standard N0S1
Standard N1Standard NS1
Steel BallsSwivel Weight Holder, PF-1125
Swivel Weight Holder, PF-5546smart-chart
Strike PlateStop Position Clamp, PF-5546
Step Gap FrameStereo Microscope, PF-5400
Standard FT1Standard FS1
Stainless steel containerStandard F1
Standard F45S1Stainless steel container
Stainless steel containerSS Split Cover
SS Split CoverSS Split Cover
Standard F90S1Standard FKS1
Standard for esp-10Standard FOS1
Standard FRS1 Right angleStandard FNTS1
Standard FNS1Standard FN1
Standard FNRS1 Right angleSS Split Cover
Sandpaper Attachment KitSandpaper Holder
Scale 2 lbs weightScale 4 lbs weight
Sample TableSample Pan
Sample Holder Round Dish - GSample Holder Round Dish - M
Sample holder, for 4775Scale 8 lbs weight
Scotch Brite Pad, ASTMSemi Gloss Standard 20°
Semi Gloss Standard 60°Semi Gloss Standard 85°
Seal Set, BYK-macScrub Medium ASTM D3450
Scratching ToolScrub Media, Abrasive 474 ml (1 pint)
Scrub Medium ASTM D2486Sample Holder Liquid Paste - M
Sample Holder CosmeticsS90 Zahn Cup No.3
S90 Zahn Cup No.3S90 Zahn Cup No.4
S90 Zahn Cup No.2S90 Zahn Cup No.2
Small RiderS90 Zahn Cup No.1
S90 Zahn Cup No.1S90 Zahn Cup No.4
S90 Zahn Cup No.5Sample Holder 11 mm, spectro-guide
Sample Holder 4 mm, color-guideSample Holder BYK-mac 12 mm
Sample Area Locator 4 mmSample Area Locator 20 mm
S90 Zahn Cup No.5Sample Area Locator 11 mm
Set of Distance Rings, PF-5512Sample Holder Round Dish - C
Single Bar 6″, 8 milsSingle Wall SS Container
Single Wall SS ContainerSingle Bar 6″, 6 mils
Single Bar 6″, 5 milsSingle Bar 6″, 20 mils
Single Bar 6″, 3 milsSingle Bar 6″, 4 mils
Single Wall SS ContainerSingle-wall, 1000 ml receptacle
Slewable ContainerSmall Die 0.5 in, PF-5512
Shaft Protection Pipe, LC/CV modelsSlewable Container
Slewable ContainerSingle-wall, 2000 ml receptacle
Single-wall, 250 ml receptacleSingle-wall, 500 ml receptacle
Single Bar 6″, 2.5 milsSmall Die 0.6 in, PF-5512
Single Bar 3.5″, 5 milsSingle Bar 3.5″, 6 mils
Single Bar 3″, 1 milSingle Bar 3.5″, 3 mils
Single Bar 3.5″, 10 milsSingle Bar 2″, 6 mils
Single Bar 3.5″, 1.5 milsSingle Bar 3″, 1.5 mils
Single Bar 2", 3 milsSingle Bar 6″, 12 mils
Single Bar 6″, 2 milsSingle Bar 3″, 3 mils
Single Bar 6″, 1.5 milsSingle Bar 6″, 10 mils
Single Bar 3″, 6 milsSingle Bar 6″, 0.5 mils
Single Bar 6″, 1 mil
Tube MTube K
Tube NTube L
Tube RTube J
Tube QTube P
Tube OTube E
Tube BTube A5
Tube STube C
Tube DTube H
Tube GTube F
Tube ITube Z2
Tube Z6Tube Z5
Tube Z4Tube Z7
Tube Z8Tube, PF-1120
Tube, PF-1115Tube Z9
Tube Z3Tube A4
Tube WTube V
Tube UTube X
Tube YTube Z10
Tube Z1Tube Z
Tube TTube, PF-5546
Thermostat Heater BlockThermometer
Thermal BarrierTemperature Jacket ISO
Thickness Cutter 1, 2000, byko-cutThickness Cutter 100, byko-cut
Thin Film Holder, for 4775Thickness Cutter 3000, byko-cut
Thickness Cutter 3, 200, byko-cutTemperature Jacket DIN/Ford
temp-gard logger 6pT-Bar Spindles
T-Bar SetTube A3
Taber Abrasion Holder, for 4775temp-chart 2
temp-gard logger 12ptemp-gard 6p
temp-gard 12pTip Punch 1″, PF-1120/5545-5547
Thickness Cutter 2, 1000, byko-cutTransmittance Standard 70, for 4775
Tip Punch 2″, PF-1120/5545-5547Transmittance Standard 30, for 4775
Transmittance Standard 10, for 4775Transmittance Standard 90, for 4775
Transmittance Standard Set, for 4775Tube A2
Tube A1Tube A
Top plate 0.007Transmittance Standard 50, for 4775
Top plate 0.0035TML10
Tip Punch BSS, PF-1120/5545-5547TML5
TML50Top plate 0.002
US Midget Cup w/tare weightUS Density Cup
US Density Cup w/tare weightUSB Interface Cable
USB-Serial Cable, spectro-guideUL Adapter
USB-wireless connectorUSB-cable haze-gloss
USB-CableU-Bar 4";, 2 & 4 mils
U-Bar 2″, 6&10 milsU-Bar 6″, 6&10 mils
U-Bar 2″, 2&4 milsU-Bar 3″, 6&10 mils
U-Bar 3″, 2&4 milsU-Bar 6″, 2&4 mils
U-Bar 5″, 2&4 milsU-Bar 5″, 6&10 mils
U-Bar 4″, 6&10 mils
Viscosity Standard N100Viscosity Standard K400
Viscosity Standard N1000Viscosity Standard CAP9L
Viscosity Standard N15000Viscosity Standard N350
Viscosity Standard N1000Viscosity Standard CAP7H
Viscosity Standard CAP6HViscosity Standard CAP5L
Viscosity Standard CAP6LViscosity Standard N350
Viscosity Standard CAP8HViscosity Standard CAP7L
Viscosity Standard CAP9HViscosity Standard RT12500
Viscosity Standard S200Viscosity Standard S200
Viscosity Standard S2000Viscosity Standard S60
Viscosity Standard CAP5HViscosity Standard S600
Viscosity Standard RT60000Viscosity Standard RT5000
Viscosity Standard RT1000Viscosity Standard RT100
Viscosity Standard RT100000Viscosity Standard RT30000
Viscosity Standard RT500Viscosity Standard RT50
Viscosity Standard RT10Viscosity Standard CAP8L
Vacuum sealing systemVacuum sealing system
Vacuum sealing systemVerification Kit, LCM III - IV
Viscosity Standard C10Verification Kit, LCS III-IV
Vacuum sealing systemVacuum sealing system
Vacuum Plate LViscosity Standard CAP4L
Vacuum Plate S, stainless steelVacuum Pump 115 V
Vacuum sealing systemVacuum Pump 230 V
Viscosity Standard C100Vacuum Plate S
Viscosity Standard C20Viscosity Standard CAP1L
Viscosity Standard CAP2LViscosity Standard CAP3H
Viscosity Standard CAP4HViscosity Standard CAP3L
Viscosity Standard CAP1HViscosity Standard CAP2H
Viscosity Standard CAP10LViscosity Standard C200
Viscosity Standard C350Viscosity Standard C35
Viscosity Standard C60Viscosity Standard C600
Viscosity Standard CAP10H
Wire-wound rod 10″ - 2 milsWire-wound rod 10″ - 2,5 mils
Wire-wound rod 10″ - 4 milsWire-wound rod 200 - 0,6 mils
Wire-wound rod 200 - 0,4 milsWire-wound rod 10″ - 3 mils
Wire-wound rod 10″ - 0,4 milsWire-wound rod 10″ - 0,5 mils
Wire-wound rod 200 - 1 milsWire-wound rod 10″ - 0,65 mils
Wire-wound rod 10″ - 0,8 milsWire-wound rod 10″ - 1 mil
Wire-wound rod 10″ - 1,5 milsWire-wound Rod Holder
Wireless Dual Fe/NFe SensorWire-wound rod Stand - 10
Wireless Fe-SensorWireless NFe Sensor
Wire-wound rod 10″ - 0,3 milsWolf-Wilburn Pencil Hardness
Wire-wound rod set 10Wire-wound Rod Adapter
Wire-wound rod 200 - 7 milsWire-wound rod 200 - 3 mils
Wire-wound rod 200 - 4 milsWire-wound rod 200 - 5 mils
Wire-wound rod 200 - 6 milsWire-wound rod 200 - 2 mils
Wet Drawdown Template - GWeight 2000 g, PE-5780
Weight 2 lbs, PF-1125Weight 5000 g, PE-5780
Weight Bar 1, PA-2121/2122Weight Bar 3, PA-2121/2122
Weight Bar 2, PA-2121/2122Weight 1000g
Wire-wound rod 10″ - 0,2 milswave-scan dual
Water Jacketwave-scan dual ROBOTIC
wave-scan IIwave-scan ROBOTIC
Weight Kit, PA-2101/2105Weight 1000 g, PE-5780
WIN-DISP PRO Software for C-version onlyWhite Scrub Panel P122-10N
Wiper Method Accessory KitWire wound rods set
Weight Mount for Swivel, PF-1125Wet Drawdown Template - M
WIN-DISP® BASIC SoftwareWet Drawdown Template - C
Weight Mount for Swivel, PF-5546Weight Set, PE-5780
Weight Set, PM-2710/2711Weight, for Sandpaper Holder
Weight, 500g
Zirconium oxide beads, 0.4 - 0.5 mmZirconium oxide beads, 0.2 - 0.3 mm
Zero Plate, PF-5405Zirconium oxide beads, 0.6 - 0.8 mm
Zirconium oxide beads, 1.8 - 2.0 mmZahn Type Cup No.5
Zirconium oxide beads, 1.4 - 1.6 mmZirconium oxide beads, 1.0 - 1.2 mm
Zahn Type Cup No.1Zahn Type Cup No.2
Zahn Type Cup No.2Zahn Type Cup No.1
Zahn Type Cup No.3Zahn Type Cup No.3
Zahn Type Cup No.4Zahn Type Cup No.4
Zahn Type Cup No.5