Haze Meters (Reflection)

The Reference for a brilliant finish

High quality “class A” surfaces are expected to have a clear and brilliant appearance. Micro structures can cause a milky appearance. This effect is described as milkiness or haze and is often caused by specific parameters in the production process like resin type, degree of dispersion or application process. Haze can be characterized by measuring the diffuse scattered light. BYK-Gardner haze meters are used for years as a reference in the paint and plastic industry to ensure a brilliant quality.


easy-link Software

The Benchtop Reference Instrument
for any application
Transfer all gloss, haze and color data and create professional QC-reports
  • Gloss and haze measurement in one unit
  • 20, 60 and 85°: from high to low gloss - always the specified angle available
  • For any material: paint, plastic or even
    mirror-like metals
  • Reference beam, closed optics and self diagnosis ensure accurate quality control
  • Long-term calibration and menu guided operation - simple and secure
  • Foot switch and automatic measurement for fast sampling
  • Illuminated target facilitates sample
  • Statistics with average, min/max and
    standard deviation
  • Large storage capacity and data transfer from the hazemeter to a PC
  • Create professional QC-reports with the included easy-link software

  • Easy and direct data transfer from the instrument to Excel®
  • Your results are immediately documented in a professional QC-report
  • Control your production with haze, gloss and color in one review
  • Expandable: modifications can be made
    easily according to your specific needs
  • International Standards
  • ISO 2813, 13803
    ASTM D 523, D 2457, E 430
    DIN 67530
  • Prices and Products
  • 4601
    haze-gloss on request
  • Comes complete with
  • Hazemeter
    High gloss and haze standard incl. certificate
    Software easy-link
    Interface cable
    Foot switch
    Power cord
    Operating manual
  • Specifications (PDF)
  • Accessories
  • 4616
    Checking standard 20°, AG-4601 on request
    Semi gloss 20°
    Checking standard 60°, AG-4601 on request
    Semi gloss 60°
    Checking standard 85°, AG-4601 on request
    Semi gloss 85°
    Mirror Gloss Standard, AG-4601 on request
    Polished mirror, for 20°, 60°, 85°
    High Gloss Standard haze-gloss on request
    Replacement gloss calibration standard
    Haze Standard haze-gloss on request
    Replacement haze calibration standard
    Sample Table on request
    Larger platform for sample support
    USB-cable haze-gloss on request
    Text only: For data transfer from hazemeter to a PC
    BYKWARE easy-link on request
  • Prices and Products
  • 4545
    BYKWARE easy-link on request
  • Comes complete with
  • Software on CD-ROM

    System Requirements:
    Operating system: Windows® XP SP3, Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1,
    Excel® version 32-bit: 2003, 2007 or 2010, incl. VBA,
    Disk drive: CD-ROM or DVD,
    Interface: serial or USB port
  • Specifications (PDF)