BYK Additives & Instruments

Color Measurement

BYK-Gardner offers a complete line of portable spectrophotometers. 45/0 instruments for color control as you see it and sphere instruments to control the color hue. All spectrophotometers are combined with a simultaneous 60° gloss reading.

How to measure solid colors?

In-Store Color Matching requires a Spectrophotometer with robust design and user friedly matching software with excellent matching performance. BYK- Gardners in-store color formulation systems offer a complete solution for effective control of your entire color management process.

How to measure solid colors?
The BYK-mac i spectrophotometer objectively measures total color impression under different viewing angles and lighting conditions. Additionally, it detects and quantifies fluorescent light in the visible range. The BYK-mac i is available with small and large aperture, special sample holders and as a robotic system.

How to measure effect colors?
BYK-Gardner offers a complete line of visual color comparators as well as reliable spectrophotometers to objectively measure color and yellowness of transparent liquids.

How to measure liquid color?
Colors appear differently under different lighting conditions. Choose from a complete line of light booths for small and large parts. For effect finishes a light booth is available that simulates different viewing angles and direct sunlight for sparkle evaluation.