In-Store Color Matching

In-store Color Formulation Systems

BYK-Gardner's in-store color formulation systems provide a complete solution for effective control of your entire color management process. The robust auto-match III spectrophotometer provides an efficient and profitable solution in the paint store. The instrument uses a 45/0 circumferential illumination in order to match your samples as your eyes sees them. Or use the portable look-up system color-guide plus to custom match any object on site. Simply measure and store the color, bring the instrument back and have BYK-Gardner's auto-match software generate the match for you.

auto-match III Sensor

auto-match Software

color-guide plus

Durable 45/0 instrument for in-store color matching
User-friendly in-store color matching software
Electronic fandeck to match customer’s samples
  • 45/0 geometry to match colors as the eye sees them
    Sphere d/8 geometry on request
  • Small, compact sensor fits almost everywhere
  • No more lost accessories or standards – standards are integrated into the sample clamp
  • Temperature stable results without constant calibration – the same matching results are obtained no matter what the store temperature is
  • Excellent agreement between instruments – same accurate results are provided in every store location
  • Maintenance is no longer an issue – very low frequency of repair
  • Best warranty in industry – 3-year warranty on instrument and 10 years on light source

  • User-friendly interface guarantees ease of operation
  • Custom color matches in less than four seconds
  • Electronic formula book – providing quick and mistake-free look up of any color formulation in the database
  • Easy-to-use storage and retrieval of customer history and custom formula
  • Electronic competitive fandecks – providing an endless range of hues and shades
  • Correction features enable precise match fine tuning to customer desires
  • Customization to specific needs possible: e.g. customer logo on start screen, lock out of certain colorants and bases

  • 45/0 measuring geometry
  • Large memory of 4900 standard colors and 100 samples
  • Quick and repeatable look-up of the 5 closest matches with dE*
  • Additionally, all common features of a complete color QC spectrophotometer are included
  • Stable, long-term calibration
    – needed only every three months
  • Temperature independent color and gloss data – even in extreme conditions
  • 10 year warranty on LED light source
    – no lamp changes needed
  • Long lasting standard AA batterie
    – up-to 10,000 readings per set
  • Light weight and small size
    – weighs only 500 g
  • Designated buttons for standard and sample readings
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  • International Standards
  • ASTM D 2244, D 6290, E 308, E 1164
    DIN 5033, 5036, 6174
    DIN EN ISO 11664
    ISO 7724
  • Prices and Products
  • 1150
    auto-match III 45/0, 115 V
    auto-match III 45/0, 230 V
  • Comes complete with
  • Spectrophotometer
    Black calibration standard
    White calibration standard with certificate
    Interface cable
  • Specifications (PDF)
  • Accessories
  • 1005
    Pentium computer w/keyboard
    17 in. Flat Screen Monitor
    17 in. Monitor
    Dymo Label Printer 450
  • Prices and Products
  • 1001
    auto-match RCS Software
  • Comes complete with
  • Hardware Requirements:
    Operating system: Windows 98SE or higher
    Memory: min. 1 GB RAM
    Hard disk capacity: min. 4 GB
    Monitor resoultion:VGA or better
    Disk drive: CD-ROM
    Interface: 1 serial port,  6 USB ports
    Printer: Dymo label printer 450 (optional)
  • Specifications (PDF)
  • International Standards
  • ASTM D 2244, E 308, E 1164
    DIN 5033, 5036, 6174
    ISO 7724
  • Comes complete with
  • Spectrophotometer
    Black calibration standard
    White calibration standard with certificate
    Green checking reference
    Sample area locator
    4 x AA batteries
    Hand strap; Carrying case
    Operating instructions; Color theory folder
  • Specifications (PDF)