Permeability Test

The permeability of coatings is an important property to measure the water vapor transfer through a paint film. Water resistance under high humidity conditions is an ideal test to measure the permeability properties. Water vapor permeability is tested on a free paint film without the influence of substrate properties or coating adhesion. The coatings ability to repel or absorb water vapor improves it permeability properties. Permeability Testing Cups offer a simple approach to check the permeability within a 24 hour period. The permeability cup holds and seals the edges of the paint film to provide a precise result.

Permeability Cups

BYK-Gardner offers two sizes of cups to perform a permeability test.
  • Large 25 square centimeter cup to meet the ASTM standard
  • Smaller 10 square centimeter cup to allow for a smaller sample and less desiccant
  • A rubber gasket is used to provide an excellent seal
  • Knurled side edges to easily tighten or open the cup

  • International Standards
  • ASTM
    D 1653

  • Prices and Products
  • 2300
    Permeability Cup S

    Permeability Cup L

  • Comes complete with
  • Threaded flange, Neoprene gasket, Polyethylene gasket, Operating manual
  • Specifications (PDF)
  • Accessories
  • 2302
    Polyethylene Gasket L
    Neoprene Gasket L
    Polyethylene Gasket S
    Neoprene Gasket S