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Automatic Film Applicators

Automatic Film Applicator

An automatic film applicator improves the consistency of a drawdown. When more than one operator is drawing down the same coating or ink, the dry film appearance will vary because of different drawdown techniques. Drawdown speed and pressure on the applicator tool will impact the results. Film thickness, gloss, opacity, and color can vary with differing film applicator techniques. BYK-Gardner offers a large selection of automatic film applicators. The film applicators can accommodate virtually all drawdown chart sizes, applicator bars or wire-wound rods. Film applicators are available with vacuum plates or clip board designs.

Automatic Film Applicator L

Automatic Film Applicator S


The Automatic Film Applicator L has a large vacuum plate surface to accommodate all drawdown chart sizes.
The Automatic Film Applicator S has clipboard size platform that will accommodate most drawdown chart sizes.
The byko-drive Automatic Film Applicator is a versatile, economically priced model that comes with a vacuum plate or glass clipboard versions.
  • User selectable speeds from 50 to 500 mm/sec
  • Real time display of applicator speed
  • Built in vacuum plate and vacuum pump
  • Two stroke lengths settings
  • User selectable speed from 50 – 500 mm/sec
  • Small footprint to save on counter space
  • Real time display of the applicator speed
  • Will work with virtually all applicator bars and wire rods
  • User selectable start and stop positions to accommodate different size charts
  • Small footprint to save on counter space
  • Drip pan for faster cleanup
  • Easy to operate user controls
  • Prices and Products
  • 2101
    Automatic Film Applicator L
  • Comes complete with
  • Automatic Film Applicator
    Vacuum plate
    Built-in vacuum pump
    Clamp for sample holding
  • Specifications (PDF)
  • Accessories
  • 2113
    Weight Kit, for 2101/2105
    Wire-wound Rod Adapter
  • International Standards
  • ASTM
    D 823
  • Prices and Products
  • 2105
    Automatic Film Applicator S
  • Comes complete with
  • Small Automatic Film Applicator
    Rubber mat and clamp for sample holding
  • Specifications (PDF)
  • Accessories
  • 2113
    Weight Set, for 2101, 2105
    Information: Consists of weight holder, weight, and bracket clamp. Total weight 1361 gm (3 lbs), :
    Wire-wound Rod Adapter
    Information: Required to fit Wire Rods 2419 - 2428 onto 2101 & 2105 Automatic Film Applicators, sold as a pair.
  • Prices and Products
  • 2121
    byko-drive V
    with vacuum plate
    byko-drive G
    with glass plate
    and clamp
  • Comes complete with
  • byko-drive
    Weight-bar fixture (2123)
    External power supply
    Drip pan
    Instruction manual
  • Specifications (PDF)
  • Accessories
  • 3877
    Vacuum Pump 230 V

    Vacuum Pump 115 V

    Vacuum Plate S
    Weight Bar 1, for 2121/2122
    Weight Bar 2, for 2121/2122
    Weight Bar 3, for 2121/2122
    Power supply, for 2121/2122
    Drip pan, for 2121/2122
    Glass plate + clamp, for 2122
    O-ring Set (10 pcs), for 2121/2122
    Long Push Arm, pair, Adjustable gap

    byko-drive XL

    The byko-drive XL Automatic Film Applicator has a large vacuum plate or glass plate versions to accommodate all drawdown chart sizes.
        • User selectable speeds 5 - 500 mm/s
        • Touchscreen display for easy operation
        • User selectable start/stop positions
        • Memory to store set-up programs

      1. International Standards
      2. ASTM D 823, D 4147
        ISO 11988
      3. Prices and Products
      4. 2131
        byko-drive XL, V with vacuum plate
        byko-drive XL, G with glass plate
      5. Comes complete with
        • byko-drive XL
        • Weight bar (2135)
        • External power supply
        • Drip pan
        • Instruction guide
        • 2-year warranty
      6. Accessories
      7. 2133
        Vacuum Plate, XL
        Glass Plate, XL
        Push-bar weight, 500 grams
        Push-bar weight, 1000 grams
        Drip Pan, XL