Obviously optimized
BYK at Middle East Coatings Show

Continuous optimization is the best strategy for lasting success. Life itself supplies so much evidence of this: Whether in nature, in sport, in the economy or in our daily routine – we experience it every day. Some have it in their DNA, others train regularly to achieve it.

For us at BYK, both aspects apply. Because, on the one hand, optimization is the fundamental concept behind our additives which enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the production process, and improve product quality, thus making their contribution to cost-savings and resource conservation. On the other hand, for over 50 years now, together with our customers we have faced the challenges of the markets and successfully developed solutions for the future. This motivates us to keep improving continuously.

Would you like to learn more about additives and process optimization?

Then have a chat with us – from March 14 to 16, 2016 at Middle East Coatings Show in Dubai, Booth E18.

By employing BYK additives for coatings, printing inks, adhesives or construction chemicals, you can enhance specific product characteristics as well as the overall quality of your products. Learn here more about our recommended additives for optimized processes.

Construction industry

  • Construction industry

Construction materials have a long tradition – yet today's demands for innovative, long-lasting construction chemical products and optimized processes on construction sites have instigated the development of new materials and technologies. BYK's decades of experience in the additive sector enable it to offer efficient solutions for the challenges of modern construction. Brochure

Synthetic Layered Silicate for Multi-color Paints
Multi-color paints are specially designed paints in which different colors coexist as discrete paint droplets for the manufacture of

  • Stone-like appearances
  • Exterior paints with special finishes
  • Liquid marble
  • Floorings, wood coatings, leather coatings, etc.


Standardized quality control

  • Standardized quality control

The key for process optimization
BYK-Gardner QC solutions for color and appearance control provide objective and reliable measurement data. Whether you need to control gloss, solid color or effect colors, innovative technologies guarantee excellent technical performance and visual correlation. “smart-chart” data analysis software supports you to set up a global QC management system with standardized QC procedure, tolerances and reports. Facts and figures instead of feelings!