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BYK Additives for optimized processes

By employing BYK additives for coatings, printing inks, adhesives or construction chemicals, you can enhance specific product characteristics as well as the overall quality of your products. Moreover, you can optimize your processes, increasing production efficiency, safety and sustainability. 

DISPERBYK-2055 – 100% solids wetting & dispersing additive for cost-sensitive formulations

DISPERBYK-2055 is a high molecular-weight wetting and dispersing additive that covers a very broad application spectrum. It enables the production of high-quality pigment concentrates that can be used to cover almost the entire polarity range of let-down binders – from long oil alkyds through to aqueous binder systems.

DISPERBYK-2055 is also extremely well suited to co-grinds, i.e. where pigment blends are used during the grinding phase. As DISPERBYK-2055 deflocculates and stabilizes both inorganic and organic pigments, and also provides outstanding results with fillers and matting agents, such co-grinds now only require one wetting and dispersing additive. The smart selection of specific raw materials and a highly efficient production process have led to the development of a product that is not only of high quality but also exhibits an outstanding price-performance ratio.

DISPERBYK-2055 is suited for industrial, automotive, coil, protective, and wood and furniture coatings.

BYK-1640 provides a remarkably high versatility that makes it widely applicable: in architectural, protective, can and paper coatings as well as in adhesives, construction chemicals and printing inks. BYK-1640 is not only effective at low dosage but is also a very economic defoamer overall, characterized by its excellent performance. The additive is mineral oil and silicone-free, free of odor and easy to incorporate. Emission-free BYK-1640 makes a positive contribution to the sustainability and safety of production processes.

New Wetting and Dispersing Additive for Stabilizing a Multitude of Organic and Inorganic Pigments and Matting Agents in Solvent-borneCoil Coatings, Wood and Industrial Coatings and Pigment Concentrates

The new DISPERBYK-2026 has been produced based on the controlled polymerization technology developed by BYK and therefore has a very narrow molecular weight distribution which ensures broad compatibility. In addition, DISPERBYK-2026 reduces the viscosity of pigment concentrates to an ideal processing level – but is also particularly effective in single and co-grinds. DISPERBYK-2026 has excellent temperature stability and does not cause yellowing in baking systems, even at high temperatures.

Aqueous 2K epoxy systems used as metal primers, industrial coatings or even for high-performance corrosion protection present special challenges: owing to their high surface tension, aqueous formulations have less effective wetting properties and tolerances with respect to impurities. This generally results in lower adhesion and a more demanding application process.

The new adhesion promoter BYK-4513 significantly improves both dry and wet adhesion of aqueous 2K epoxy systems to metal substrates and hence facilitates the coating application. Adhesive groups improve the overall adhesion to the extent that the coating can even withstand the effects of weathering. The structure of BYK-4513 is unique and also enhances the coating´s flexibility.

BYK-4513 is silane-free and has first and foremost excellent storage stability compared to standard silane-based adhesion promoters. It can be added to the curing agent and the binder and is recommended for use in protective and industrial coatings.

Silicone-containing Surface Additive for Epoxy Systems for Long-term Improved Cleanability (Easy-to-Clean Effect)

A silicone-containing surface additive specifically to improve cleanability (easy-to-clean effect). BYK-SILCLEAN 3701 is a liquid product with 100 % active substances. The additive achieves a permanent effect as it reacts in the polymer matrix and as such does not lose itseffectiveness over time, like other silicone-based surface additives. At the same time, BYK-SILCLEAN 3701 has no influence on the adhesion of the top coat to the substrate and consequently does not have a negative effect on the anti-corrosion properties.

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