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Which color system is the best?

A loaded question with not one answer!
Color control has historically been done by visual inspection of samples and comparison to a standard with the disadvantages of being subjective. For more objectivity, the internationally agreed upon CIELAB system is used since 1976. Meanwhile, several modifications of the CIELAB color equation like DECMC, DE 94, DE2000 were introduced for solid colors. For effect colors, the development even goes one step further with the introduction of the DE DIN6175-2. The goal of all modifications was to improve the correlation between visual perception and instrumentally measured values.


颜色控制在历史上是通过目视检查样品并和标准比对来完成的,其缺点是受主观因素影响。为了客观地评估颜色,从1976年开始使用国际上公认的CIELAB系统。同时,对CIELAB颜色方程进行若干种修改,得到如DECMC,DE 94,DE2000系统,适用于单色颜色。对于效果颜色的评估,随着DIN 6175-2的引入而得到了进一步发展。所有修改的目标是改善视觉感知和仪器测量值之间的相关性。

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In 60 minutes, you will find out the strong and weak points of the different color equations with typical applications:

  • L*,a*,b* or L*,C*,H* Tolerances
    L*,a*,b* 或 L*,C*,H* 允差
  • DE*- can a single number be used for all colors?
    DE*- 一个允差值适用于所有颜色吗?
  • CIELAB – DECMC - DE94 - DE2000
    CIELAB – DECMC - DE94 - DE2000
  • DIN 6175- Part 2
    DIN 6175- Part 2
  • Prerequisites for acceptable Color Tolerances

26 July 2018, 16:00 (CST)
Presented by Anita Fehr, Product Manager Solid Color, BYK-Gardner
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2018年8月3日  14:00 (CST)  中文
由BYK-Gardner 中国技术经理 沈恺 先生主讲

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