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Have your production oven running efficiently with fewer rejected parts. The temp-gard oven temperature recorder measures and saves both the air and object temperatures as your parts go through the curing process in your production oven. The temp-chart software allows you to easily analyze the data from the temp-gard on your computer via a USB memory stick or an interface cable. With industries increasingly moving toward tighter quality control requirements, using the temp-gard will optimize your curing process while cutting down on your time, costly repairs and waste. To learn more about temperature control.


Efficiently running production ovens with temp-gard

3 x saving with temp-gard:

  • Save time: USB Stick for easy profile set-up of the temperature-logger and quick data download to temp-chart Software.
  • Save energy: Cure Index to calculate the optimal baking temperature
  • Save money: FREE set of 6 probes (Up to $1,590 in Savings!)



temp-gard – comes with everything you need to start immediately

  • temp-gard logger and temp-chart Software
  • Thermal Barrier up to 250°C for 2 ½ hours
  • USB Stick
  • Interface Cable
  • 2 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Certificate
  • Carrying case
  • Installation and Training
  • Temperature Probes (6 or 12 depending on model)


Special Offer for a Limited Time
temp-gard 6P $7,630
(Includes 6 Additional FREE Probes- so comes with Total of 12 Probes)

temp-gard 12P $10,780
(Includes 6 Additional FREE Probes- so comes with Total of 18 Probes)

Valid through June 28, 2013
Don‘t miss this opportunity – contact us today and make an appointment for a free trial 1-800-343-7721.

For more information on the temp-gard.

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