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Discover the BYK-Gardner Solution for your Curing Process Control and benefit from our Special Offer.

temp-gard – Oven Temperature Recorder

The temp-gard oven recorder tracks and saves object and air temperature during the cure process.

Data Logger

• Large Display
• Compact Size
• Long Lasting Batteries

Thermal Barrier

• Ergonomic Design
• Light Weight & Compact
• Made of Stainless Steel

Temperature Probes

• Probes for Any Application
• Magnetic & Clamp Probes
• For Air & Object Temperature

temp-chart – Data Analysis Software

The temp-chart software is easy-to-use, providing documentation and analysis of the temperature profile.

Cure Charts 

Evaluate minimum temperature at shortest baking time


Limits based on critical values or cure index

Trend Analysis

Control of Process stability by comparison of check zone over time

Set of 6 temperature probes for free!

Order a temp-gard by July 31, 2015 and take advantage of an additional set of 6 temperature probes for free. Either clamp set (1x #3128, 5x #3122) or magnet set (1x #3131, 5x #3125).

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