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September 12, 2017

micro-gloss 60° XS – Brilliant gloss control for small parts

BYK-Gardner, a global leader in the field of measuring color and appearance and testing physical properties of plastic, coatings and cosmetics is introducing a new member of the well-proven micro-gloss family, which has an ultra-small port for measuring gloss at small surface areas 

August 10, 2017

ALTANA Acquires Pioneering Label and Packaging Technologies

Acquisition of a technology portfolio and innovation team from U.S. based NuLabel Technologies, Inc., NuLabel develops engineering and material science solutions to improve packaging design while using significantly less material 

August 09, 2017

2017 Half-Year Results: ALTANA Accelerates Growth Momentum

Sales rise significantly by 9 percent to €1,160 million, EBITDA improved to €262 million, Growth forecast for 2017 confirmed 

July 20, 2017

BYK to build new integrated site in Shanghai

BYK to build new integrated site in Shanghai 

May 29, 2017

Ringier honors BYK with two innovation awards

BYK is delighted to have received two accolades from China 

May 26, 2017

temp-gard basic – Control and Optimization of your Curing Process

BYK-Gardner – producer of complete QC solutions for measuring color, appearance, and physical properties in the automotive, paint and plastic industries – is expanding the oven temperature recorder family: new temp-gard basic with 6 probes, robust thermal barrier and temp-chart lite software for easy Pass/Fail data analysis.  

May 24, 2017

Price increase for Canadian oil and gas market.

BYK USA Inc. increased prices of organoclay additives sold into the Canadian oil and gas market on May 1, 2017. 

May 12, 2017

byko-drive XL – Automatic Film Applicator with the most flexible design to perform drawdowns of coating and inks

BYK-Gardner, a global leader in the field of measuring color and appearance and testing physical properties of plastic, coatings and cosmetics is introducing the bykodrive XL Automatic Film Applicator. 

May 12, 2017

byko-spectra lite – economy light booth with premium

BYK-Gardner, worldwide partner of the paint and plastic industries for quality control of color, appearance and physical properties, is introducing the new light booth bykospectra lite. In addition to the well-proven BYK-Gardner light booth range, the lite version with five light sources and compact design builds the standard for critical visual evaluation in laboratory and production.  

May 12, 2017

40,000 Axalta Spectrophotometers Help Collision Repair Professionals Achieve Excellent Color Match, Improving Productivity

Axalta Coating Systems (NYSE: AXTA), a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, recently celebrated the sale of its 40,000th spectrophotometer at the Specialty Equipment Market Association tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, where Mike Carr, Axalta President – North America, and Michael Gogoel, BYK-Gardner USA President, unveiled a commemorative spectrophotometer. BYK-Gardner, a global leader in the field of measuring colour and appearance and testing physical properties of plastic, coatings and cosmetics, manufactures Axalta’s spectrophotometers. 

March 17, 2017

2016 Results: ALTANA Achieves Sales Increase and Leap in Earnings

Sales amount to €2,075 million, EBITDA reaches €453 million, Outlook for 2017: Further profitable growth

March 13, 2017

There’s no compromising the coating system with BYK additives

The times when a decorative coating for interior or exterior use in the architectural sector was simply paint without any function are long since gone. 

March 02, 2017

BYK completes the acquisition of PolyAd Services

BYK has completed the acquisition of the plastics additives manufacturer PolyAd Services 

February 21, 2017

ALTANA Acquires Landa Metallography Technology

The Landa Group and ALTANA AG today announced that ALTANA has acquired Landa's Metallography technology.  

February 09, 2017
February 01, 2017

ALTANA Further Expands Additives Business by Acquiring PolyAd Services

ALTANA Further Expands Additives Business by Acquiring PolyAd Services  

February 01, 2017

BYK-Gardner smart-chart software – next generation

Don’t miss the next generation of BYK-Gardner’s data analysis software smart-chart! 

January 17, 2017

Laboratory inauguration in Russia

On December 15, 2016, BYK celebrated – together with HOMA, a manufacturer of dispersions and emulsions based in Dzerzhinsk, Russia – the opening of an ultra-modern laboratory for BYK’s application technology in Shchyolkovo, near Moscow.  

January 16, 2017

"Educational Coaching" Project Extended

Project partners report positive results and continue to support equal opportunity for elementary school children in Wesel  

January 04, 2017

ALTANA Acquires Formulated Resins Business from Solvay

The specialty chemicals group ALTANA has acquired the Formulated Resins business of Belgian chemical group Solvay 

December 20, 2016

Innnovation Study

A Challenge When Recruiting Specialists: Entry-Level Professionals Want More Scope of Action

Recruiting specialists is one of the biggest challenges facing almost three quarters of all German industrial companies, Entry-level professionals expect their employers to have a corporate culture that promotes innovation, by their own account, ever-fewer managers are making a relevant contribution to their company’s innovation culture

December 14, 2016

BYK-Gardner byko-visc Rotation Viscometers

BYK-Gardner is introducing a complete new line of byko-visc Rotational Viscometers.

November 29, 2016

Innovation Study
br>Number of Participations in Startups Stagnating

As in the previous year, every tenth industrial company invested in a young technology company, In almost 40 percent of the companies, the willingness to take risks is low or virtually nonexistent