BYK Additives: Lectures

In this section you can find information and dates for upcoming lectures and congresses. We also offer you a selection of our technical articles for downloading.

EC TiO2 Kongress
Berlin, Germany
Carsten Erkens: Coffee, tea or red wine - keeping tables snow white with high performance additives
January 29, 2020
Paint India
Mumbai, India
Adil Bilici: Maximum performance for easier processing
March 13, 2020
Global Coatings & Paint Innovation Summit
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Heiko Juckel: Formulation challenges and solutions for waterborne coatings in the Marine and Protective Market
March 27, 2020
Surfex 2020
Coventry, United Kingdom
June 2, 2020
EC Coatings Intensive
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Petra Lenz: Wetting and dispersing additives
November 17, 2020